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Easy Traveling: 6 Helpful Apps For Car Drivers

Many of us know that communication devices seriously distract us from the road while driving a car. However, nowadays a phone or tablet in the car is not just a means of communication or entertainment. Mobile applications have turned them into reliable navigators and no less interesting fellow travelers that help to be more attentive at the wheel, and save money. At the moment, there are many applications which are created specifically to find any information without distracting you from the road. As a result your safety won’t be decreased. So, here are some helpful apps for car drivers using android smartphones…

Car Finder AR

Car Finder AR is an excellent application for those who often park their car in different places and can forget where the vehicle was left. With this application you can easily find your car, wherever you leave it: the application determines and ‘remembers’ the coordinates of the location of the car. So, after arriving at a three-story parking in a shopping center, you don’t need to remember the parking lot number. It's enough to activate the application and go about your business. And when it’s required, the application will find your car, wherever you are! Of course, the application doesn’t teleport the car to you, but will show you the right way to your vehicle.

Free parking is no parking!

(photo by Christina Britto)


At the moment, Google Play has a lot of automotive applications that are designed in the style of infotainment systems and currently installed on many new cars. But not all of them are ideal and convenient. However, from a huge number of programs on Google Play, the best application is AutoMate. After installing, an interface of your Android-smartphone becomes a complete information and entertainment system of the car.

Infotainment system

(photo by Maruti Suzuki Communications)

The interface of the program is designed in such a way as to provide the driver with a convenient perception of the necessary information, without being distracted by its search. For example, you can read and reply to an incoming message, manage music tracks, and view events in the calendar. If you are accustomed to connecting your phone to the car's stereo system, then the application can read your incoming messages without distracting you from the road.

The most convenient thing is that this interface allows you using Google maps and other necessary applications simultaneously.



Many drivers bought car video recorder after they got into an accident or any road incident. The only problem for some drivers in acquiring a car video recorder is its cost. It's not a secret that high-quality video devices are not cheap. If you want to try to record video while driving, you can try installing the CamOnRoad application, which can record video by using your phone's camera.

The program can record video to the memory of your phone, and also to the cloud storage on your server if your phone is connected to the Internet. The application developer offers you 2GB of memory, which means you can record approximately 3 hours of high-quality video.

For registered users, storage of video clips on the server is free. In addition to the video function, the CamOnRoad also works as a navigator.



In large cities, the search for free or not-expensive parking can cause headaches for drivers. For this reason, FreeParking application is definitely what you need.

This smartphone app will help you find a more profitable place for parking saving you time and money. In addition, FreeParking will help you to find out where your car was left in case you forgot its location.

Project 365 (120/365) Friday, November 28

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Some applications, which were described above are able to read incoming messages aloud, but this function is implemented in these programs not quite perfect. If you want something more reliable and high-quality, then install ReadItToMe application on your Android smartphone.

This app will read aloud everything that will come to your phone. In this program, you can configure the list of active applications. You can also set the text to be said aloud only when messages from certain contacts are received.


Dash-Drive Smart

As you know, you can learn a lot of useful information about the car, as well as diagnose all electronic systems of the vehicle by connecting a special adapter to the diagnostic port of the car.

With the help of a simple and cheap OBD-II wireless adapter and your phone, you can find out how fast the car moves, what is the real-time fuel consumption, and also see the information about all the warnings appearing on the dashboard.

(photo by Chris)

In fact, Google Play has many applications that work with OBD-II wireless adapter. For example, Dash-Drive Smart application. This program uses information received from the car’s electronic system in order to track your routes, give you tips how you can save fuel, and where it’s more convenient to drive to the store for better efficiency, etc.

As you can see, these simple applications for your smartphone can significantly help you in the journey. If you want to try some of them, just use Rental24h car rental service, where a rich choice of vehicle for your trip are provided.

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