Easy Ways to Improve Your Amazon Seller Rating


If you are selling on Amazon, then you need to pay attention to your Amazon seller rating. This rating is essentially a numerical representation of how good you are as a seller. It takes into account the number of refunds that you deal with, the reviews your customers give you, delivery times, and even the speed at which you answer questions from your customers.

Amazon wants sellers with good ratings. The businesses that work hard to improve their rating and account’s health will be heavily promoted on the site. Quite often, this means being able to secure that 'buy now' button. Sellers that consistently receive poor feedback may effectively be hidden from potential buyers. Therefore, it is in your best interests to ensure that you get that Amazon seller rating as high as possible. 

On this page, we want to share a few methods to improve your Amazon seller rating. You will be surprised at just how easy it can be. 

What is a Good Seller Rating on Amazon?

A good Amazon rating will be in the 98%-100% range. Once you start dropping below 98%, you may find that you lose the 'buy button' on certain product listings. You may also find that many customers opt to steer clear of you.

The good thing is that attaining a 98% rating isn't that hard to do. The tips below are going to get you well on your way towards that goal. Remember; Amazon will only look at sales from the last 365-days to give you your seller rating. So, if you do have a bit of negative feedback every now and then, don't fret. Amazon won't factor it into your Amazon rating a year later.

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Where to See My Reviews on Amazon?

A lot of people wonder 'where do I go on Amazon see my reviews?'. Well, you have two places:

  • Your reviews should be easily accessible through Amazon Seller Central
  • If you click on your business name on a product page for something that you are selling, it will take you to your review page.

We suggest that you use Amazon Seller Central. It tends to contain a bit more information. Although, looking at the 'customer facing' review page will show you exactly what customers see when they make the decision to buy from you. 

Have Proper Product Descriptions

Honestly, 90% of the time, when a company receives a negative Amazon feedback from a customer, it is because the customer didn't really know enough about the product. As a result, the customer was expecting one thing to arrive at their doorstep and something different arrived.

If you spend a bit of time improving your product descriptions and really discuss the features and condition of the product that you are selling, then we can guarantee that you will have eliminated most of the negative ratings that you will receive.

Keep Returns and Refunds to a Minimum 

If you consistently get returns and have to make refunds, then Amazon will knock down your Amazon rating.

If you notice an increase in returns and refunds, then you should try and get to the bottom of why it is happening. The feedback that you receive should go a long way toward helping you determine the cause.

The longer you take to fix the problem, the faster that rating will fall.

Ship Products in a Timely Manner

If you are shipping products out yourself, then make sure that you quote an accurate time frame for delivery. Whether the product arrives on time will factor into your Amazon review rating. Sometimes, it would actually be better to overestimate just how long a product will take to arrive. So, if you would normally expect it to arrive in 5 working days, tell the customer it will arrive in 7 working days. When it arrives early, you end up with a happy customer. You also do not have that negative mark for a product that has been delivered late.

Thankfully, if you are using Amazon FBA, then you do not have to worry about this. However, you will still want to keep an eye out for any negative feedback that mention slow delivery. If you are using Amazon FBA and somebody complains about slow delivery, then Amazon will remove the negative feedback for you. This is because the issue wouldn't be your fault. 

Answer Customer Questions 

Amazon wants its sellers to offer fantastic customer service. In their mind, good customer service means answering questions from customers as quickly as possible. Ideally, you should be responding to every question from a customer within about 24-hours. Yes. This means at the weekends too.

If you answer questions slowly, then your Amazon review rating will take a slight hit. 

Work With Those Who Leave Negative Feedback

You will eventually get negative feedback about your business. Everybody does. You cannot please everybody. If you get left bad feedback, then you will be faced with two choices:

  • Ignore it
  • Work with the customer

The first is going to guarantee that the review will be negatively impacting your business for the next year.

The second option gives you the opportunity to get the negative feedback removed. This means reaching out to the customer and trying to come to an agreement on how you can deal with their issue. In some cases, this means giving them a refund. In others, they just want a product replacement.

Now, you won't always be able to encourage people to remove their negative reviews. However, if you try, and you show that you are trying to help the customer, then we are pretty sure that you will get more of them removed than you may think.

Encourage People to Leave Positive Feedback 

As you may well know, people are more likely to leave negative feedback than positive feedback. After all, people want to share their negative experiences when they are unhappy about something.

As a result, you may end up with your feedback trending toward the negative side, even if you are shipping orders to hundreds of incredibly happy customers. Luckily, you can encourage people to leave positive feedback.

If you do not receive a positive review from a customer for around 3-5 days after an order was delivered, we suggest that you reach out to them through Amazon. You can access the 'contact' button through Amazon Seller Central or use Amazon’s “Request a Review” button. But manually processing each order will be a time-consuming process. It’s better to speed up this process with Amazon feedback software that allows sellers to create fully automated campaigns asking for product reviews or seller feedback. These campaigns can be set up in a few minutes and then work on full autopilot, which literally makes them a set-and-forget solution that improves the feedback conversion rate up to 10%-15% (instead of standard 1%-2% on Amazon).

We (and plenty of others) suggest that you make your message to the customer personal. People love that. Ask them if they have any questions or concerns about their order. If they don't, then ask them to leave positive feedback.

You will be surprised at how many people on Amazon don't actually know that leaving feedback for sellers is a thing. You could easily gain dozens and dozens of reviews just by reaching out.


These methods for improving your Amazon seller rating may be simple. However, we can assure you that they work. Incorporate them into the day-to-day running of your business and, we promise you, it will lead to an increase in the number of sales that you make.