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Easy ways to manage and promote a private blog network


Today, you have access to many ways to publish your content! One of the notable ones is that of a private blog network (PBN). Simply put, a PBN is a series of blogs or sites that can be owned by either another person or you. The ultimate objective of a PBN blog is to be able to offer backlinks and also be able to send link juice that generates an increase in ranking in SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). If truth be told, then the process of private blog networking has been present for a while now, and many people have used it to get started in the blogging space.


You need to look for domains for a PBN


There are ways in which you need to operate the blogging space. The same holds true for a private blog network (PBN) as well. Hence, here it is essential that you check for a domain. The process of coming across dropped and expired domains for setting up a PBN have undergone many changes. Not everyone today is keen to adapt. And not everyone has the time to take out time to check for expired domains manually or check out any of the domain auctions. Today, automation holds the key to online success. Hence, today you can opt-in for tools like Domain Hunter-Gatherer to check out for expired domains.


Most people today make use of similar tools to come across expired domains as well as the expired 2.0 websites. One of the most significant advantages in doing this is that you have the option to scrape domains of your business niche to attain a backlink funnel from the choicest sites. For instance, let's say that you belong to the IT and technology industry vertical and you come across a domain having links from websites like Gizmodo or Mashable. If that's what happens can you fathom the number of links that will arrive on your site? The answer is innumerable.


It’s essential to consider relevancy  

Staying relevant is necessary when you are planning to use a PBN. The online world is a competitive one. And the only possible way to strive and make your mark in this competitive space is to remain relevant. For instance, there can be a site which contains backlinks for a topic like dogs and can get rebranded in the technology vertical. Such things keep happening almost every time. You may question why it would matter if someone bought domains from your blog and you were rebranding the same blogs for the given name? And would relevancy play an important part here?

If you had a website focusing on dogs and your main product on offer was dog collars, the how would PBN site you used with links from Gizmodo and Mashable matter? The truth is that the link juice would keep flowing irrespective of any situation.

It is essential to stay relevant when you are connecting with webmasters engaged in your selected niche. And even though relevancy is necessary, but to conclude that a website having authority links coming from technology blogs is unable to pass the links to a dog site, is misleading.


You need to assess your domains


It is essential to evaluate your domains when you want to find one. As it helps you to decide which domain you want to add to your network. And the critical factors to concentrate here are as follows:


  • Anchor text
  • PA/DA
  • Backlinks
  • PR


Smart tactics for promoting your private blog network


Do you want to promote your PBN? If yes, then it is essential to follow a set of crucial tactics. First and foremost, the promotion strategy for your PBN gets wholly based on practical and high-end backlinking. So, when you get your backlink chain all correct, automatically you will find that your PBN is catering to all your expectations.


It is essential to connect every PBN page accurately! You shouldn’t be posting all your PBN links on each blog on the systems. The search engines might then add sanctions for your site to have used this tactic. Make it a point to promote a web page using PBN, as you are required to promote every blog of this specific network. Wondering how you can do that? If yes, you can resort to the following guidelines for the same:


  1. Curate unique content: If you want to avert the Google sanctions, then you need to come up with original content for all your blogs in the PBN network. Your texts need to be very clear and over 2000 characters. Do you wish to save your time? If yes, then you can post the scans of the book pages. The search engines wouldn't recognize these as a mark of plagiarism. When you get your blog updated daily, there will be proper indexation, and you can beat a top position very fast. And just in case you can generate a meaningful natural comment using your links under the posts in blogs, there will be a favorable impact for Google promotions.


  1. Your website's catalogs – It is here that you have the chance to post every link from PBN and also offer a positive response. Attempt partner with the other fellow bloggers who have a solid reputation in Google. You can exchange links with other web resources. It will help to enhance your ranking and indexation.


  1. Make use of other web resources – It is one of the essential factors for promoting your PBN. Experts today suggest that you repost your publication on any other blogs making use of direct links. It is the same thing that you usually do in the social network platforms and visit 36 Top Best Backlink Checker Tools Online.


A PBN today has been in use since years and has been helping many! One of the crucial advantages is that when your PBN pages record increased traffic, you have the scope to present your PBN for sale. Hence, if you have been looking for ways to earn a profit online, a PBN has the chance to offer you the same. Shrouded in debates and discussion a PBN comes with its set of functions and advantages. If you want to opt-in for one, you can read the above-discussed points before you get started to get a better idea on how to manage things.



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