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Eating right for low blood pressure

 If the blood pressure is too low, it is called hypotension or low blood pressure. This is the case as soon as the blood pressure values ​​are less than 100 to 110 to 60 mmHg. In older people, the values ​​are usually slightly higher. Signs of this can take the form of poor circulation, dizziness, and shortness of breath. Medication is not necessarily required to raise low blood pressure. Certain measures such as cold and warm showers or exercise in the fresh air can increase blood pressure. A change in diet can also lower blood pressure.


Foods that are useful for raising low blood pressure

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Salt: Salt is ideal for raising blood pressure because salt binds water in the body and thus increases blood pressure. Most people have particularly low blood pressure in the morning. Here we recommend consuming a salty dish.

However, people who suffer from kidney dysfunction or heart problems should avoid a salty diet. Since the body often retains water and sodium (table salt) in the event of kidney dysfunction, high blood pressure can result from a diet with high levels of salt. For this reason, it should be avoided in these cases.

Sufficient fluid intake: In order for the blood pressure to remain high, the person concerned must ensure that there is sufficient fluid intake. The water thins the blood. As a result, the blood volume remains at a sufficiently high level. The human body needs two to three liters of fluid a day. Water, fruit tea, herbal tea, green tea, or unsweetened juices are suitable for this.

Eat smaller meals throughout the day: The human digestive system gets busy when eating too large meals. For this, the digestive organs need blood, which is then “missing” elsewhere. As a result, people who have low blood pressure can feel dizzy or faint, become extremely tired, or feel sick.

Cured meat and smoked foods: These foods are high in salt. The types of meat are rubbed with salt beforehand. In this way, the meat is preserved for several months. The meat of the smoked goods is refined with different types of wood.

Sea fish: It contains polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Savory biscuits: In the case of dizzy spells that can be traced back to low blood pressure, savory biscuits are very suitable as a kind of first-aid measure.

Beetroot juice: We recommend two glasses of juice for a week.

Licorice: Here the licorice root blocks the cortisol-splitting enzyme.

Raisins: Raisins are good for your adrenal glands. The blood pressure remains in the normal range.

Lemon water: Lemon water prevents dehydration. We recommend a glass of warm water mixed with the juice of half a lemon and a pinch of salt in the morning, before breakfast.


Consultation with the family doctor

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It is important that a doctor is consulted before self-diagnosis and taking appropriate measures in order to rule out diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, or hormonal imbalances that require further treatment.

Older people in particular should have their blood pressure checked or checked regularly, as too low a blood pressure can lead to an inadequate supply of vital organs. The older blood vessels can sometimes not transport the blood fast enough when changing position, such as suddenly standing up, which can lead to a sharp drop in blood pressure and sudden fainting.

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