Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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Eating Takeaway During Coronavirus Pandemic

During Covid-19 pandemic, due to social isolation and SOPs instructed by the World Health Organisation, one might expect the decline in the purchase of goods from the supermarket or eating at restaurants. However, initially, the reality looked quite the opposite. People showed up purchasing in bulk in supermarkets until markets were forced to shut down. Similarly, as the restaurants were closed to eat-in services, people started ordering food through takeaway and delivery services. Unfortunately, not all the restaurants were able to make this shift and went for a complete closure as this pandemic ruled. This led to facing a huge loss for some restaurants, while for others, it looked like a great opportunity to maximize the profit. Moreover, many restaurants opened huge discounts and free meals for healthcare professionals. Takeaways and delivery services, undoubtedly, served a great deal of comfort and ease to the customers. There have been, however, some hygiene and healthcare concerns when it comes to consuming takeaway food.

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Is Takeaway a Safe Option?

The first concern rose when the experts released the information that suggested the spread of the virus while receiving your takeaway. While you’re hungry and can’t wait to eat your favourite meal, would it be worth taking the risk of being infected? This question led to some concerns, but they were tackled by strictly following the SOPs released by the World Health Organisation. It’s safe to say now, eating through takeaway might be safe as restaurants take controlled hygiene measures and precautions while preparing and delivering food to their customers. Moreover, most of these takeaway or delivery services are offered through applications such as Just Eat or Deliveroo.

Spending quality time with family in this pandemic was made easy with takeaway and delivery services. While Muslims ordering halal food might look up for the, according to statistics, non-muslims also bought halaal food either because of limited options available or to support the restaurant.

Is it about our Economy?

The concern of the closure of massive restaurants is a serious concern for the economic condition of the country. The Hospitality Sector largely contributes to the economic growth of any country. In case, all the restaurants of the country moved to complete closure, the economy would have suffered greatly. The decision of keeping the industry running during a pandemic is vital. However, this doesn’t negate the importance of underlying health concerns or spread of the infection.

Takeaway is one of only a handful scarcely any breaks individuals have from the Covid lockdown, with a large group of cafés as yet offering their conveyance administrations. 

Food orders have become the main practical revenue stream for most cafés, so neighborhood patronisation is more fundamental than any other time in recent memory. 

Right now, specialists recommend there is little danger with the food itself, however transmission is conceivable during conveyance.

What are Precautionary Measures?

Some basic precautionary measures for restaurants include:

  1. Encouraging employees who are sick or in contact with someone infected previously to stay home.
  2. Using Face and Hand Covering while cooking and delivering the food
  3. Keeping enough supplies as recommended by WHO such as masks, hand covers and sanitizers.

Some basic precautionary measures for customers include:

  1. Washing hands properly after receiving the food.
  2. Confirming the hygienic precautions followed by the restaurant.
  3. Keeping the children away from unnecessary contact with the surface of the packaging.
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