EBook vs Book – Which Format is Preferred?


Over the past few years, e-books have become quite a vogue in the book publishing industry, putting a seemingly subsequent demise to the demand of printed books. Nonetheless, this decreasing requirement has not yet transpired, rather has given genesis to two compositions existing simultaneously. 

With printed books, you have the choice of scrolling through the book shelves and if you like a book, you have the liberty of reading the first few pages and decide whether it’s worth your reading time or not. Albeit it’s a bit different with e-books as you can preview the first few pages but with little or no accustoming.

This goes to prove that the digital and print formats have disadvantages and perks of their own kind, which brings us to the crux of this article. Following, we’ll elucidate a brief overview what’s the debate between e-books and printed books.

Why Printed Books are the favorite?

Paper Feels

For avid readers, reading a book is all about getting immerse in the texture of its pages, and loving the sound of flipping pages. It’s somewhat in our psyche to love the presence of hard paper books, even though they aren’t read by anyone.

Sharing is Caring

Consider buying a book and once you have read it, you can give it to your peers to read. However, with e-books, you cannot share it with someone else, since they can only be assessed from one account only. The only way your friend can read that book is by using your account details.

Annotations Made Easy

Every reader has a habit of making annotations in the book he/she is reading. This helps to remember what’s written in the books and make important key points. With paper books, this task of annotations becomes much easy since you have liberty to use pencils, highlighters, pens, etc. In e-books, annotating the text is very limited where you can only mark lines, bookmark a couple number of pages and make some side notes.

Easy Skimming Through the Text

Compared to an e-book, it’s much feasible to do a brief go through of a printed book. You can go back and forth in a printed book in a much faster way than in an e-book.

No Electric Consumption

Quite obviously, printed books don’t require you to charge them, unlike e-books. There is no electrical consumption in case of paper books. The only electric power needed is for having enough light for you to read the pages of your book. But that’s for when you are reading at nighttime or in dark. Just carry them anywhere without the worry of having to charge them.

Why Electronic Books are the New Trend?

  • Reading Feasibility

E-books bring the element of ease in reading with their one-hand experience. Just access your e-book reader and you can read your favorite book at any angle or posture. There is no need for you to use both your hands as one hand will do you just fine. Plus, if you love reading in dark, there is always an option for you to adjust the brightness level of you e-book reader, without the chance of getting an eyestrain.

  • Access to a Library of Books

Since e-books are on a digital platform, having no physical weight at all. Moreover, all your books are stored in your smart device with easy access ability. Think of a situation, where you planning to go on a long tour, you cannot carry multiple books in your backpack, as it would increase the carrying weight. With e-books, you won’t have to worry, as you can access a library of books on your smartphone or tablet.

  • Lest Cost

If you want to have your own e-book, think of the cost as a one-time investment. You only have to pay for the writing, editing and online book marketing service. Besides, there are no costs of printing copies or any such sort. As a reader, you can buy your very own digital copy at a much lesser price than the printed version. Adding a cherry on top, once a book has spent sufficient time, you can get its copy for free, available on the internet for download.

  • Bookmarking Stuff

Unlike paper books that require stationary item to highlight or bookmark text, you can simply use your finger to select a chunk of text and change its color. Beside, you can make quite notes and go through them easily without having to go through pages. All your annotations and notes can be accessed from one place.

  • Inbuilt Dictionaries, Wikipedia and X-Ray

Take Amazon Kindle for a change, you can access its inbuilt dictionaries, go through Wikipedia and X-Ray to ponder upon the summary and details of the characters in the book. If there is any word in the text that goes beyond your comprehension, just tap on it and you can find its meaning displayed instantly.

  • Books are Always Available

Electronic books can never run out of stock. Since, they are digital copies, their print will always be on the internet. Once you select your e-book you can download them and start reading. You won’t have to wait for the delivery of the book.

  • Easy Marketing

Book marketing services usually cost a lot money, however, in case of marketing your e-book the cost is way less than what you expect. You won’t have to pay for magazine ads or promotional events. All you can do is get your online book marketing by a good marketing service provider.

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