EDC: top 7 things you should carry every day


An EDC (everyday carry) kit holds everything you need to survive in the wilderness. However, you don’t need to be hiking the Appalachian trail for an EDC kit to come in handy. If you want to be prepared for any eventuality, here are the seven things you should carry whenever you go out.

Good knife

A high-quality knife is probably the most important thing you should carry as part of your EDC kit. It’s important to check the local laws on carrying a knife because it differs from place to place. Knives are a survival essential tool because they’re so versatile. They can be used to cut strings, open cans, and make many chores much easier. Once you start carrying a knife, you will see endless possibilities.


Fire is one of the most important parts of survival. Lighters aren’t just for cigarettes. They can be used to start a fire, light a gas stove, and much more. Carrying a reliable lighter means that you can stay warm and eat hot food just about anywhere. For a complete EDC kit, you should have a second fire source as well, such as matches or a tinderbox.


Darkness can be dangerous. Whether you’re deep in the wilderness or in a city center, a flashlight is an important part of any EDC kit. A reliable flashlight allows you to see potential threats before they see you. You can find flashlights that run off standard batteries, solar power, and even wind-up power sources.


Everyone should carry a pen. In the days of smartphones, the humble pen can seem like a thing of the past. However, they still come in useful in everyday life. Whether it’s to take down the number of a romantic interest in a bar or write down an important reminder for yourself, there are tons of reasons to carry a pen. In a survival situation, they can be used to write down the route you’ve taken or leave notes for rescuers.

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A pen is pretty useless unless you have something to write on. You should always carry a notepad for jotting down important information. You never know when you’re going to have to make a note of something. And smartphone batteries don’t last forever. You can also get a waterproof notepad if you want to ensure that you can use it in any weather conditions.

Concealed carry

Many people carry handguns as part of their EDC. This can be an effective way of protecting yourself and your family from potential threats. However, without the correct concealed carry equipment and permit, a handgun can bring more danger than it prevents. Get more info on obtaining a concealed carry permit in Virginia at https://www.concealedcarry-ed.com/virginia/.

Charger pack

These days, almost everyone carries a smartphone. This makes it easier to contact emergency services when something goes wrong. However, it’s important to remember that the batteries won't last forever. To combat this problem and make sure you’re always connected, carry around a charger pack and cable. This will allow you to get your tech up and running when you need it most.