Friday, September 29, 2023
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Education companies are ready to cater to your passion for innovative education!

Education in the past few years has undergone tremendous change. Gone are the traditional brick and mortar schools, and other educational institutes. With technology evolution and worldwide lockdown situation prevailing – the education industry made efforts to bring education to the passionate learners.

Result: Online programs, and homeschooling efforts made by schools globally.

Everybody’s learning interests and methods were catered to with customized programs to suit the learners’ capability and speed. And if you are a professional with a passion for teaching and education, you can choose from these institutes and organizations to indulge in your passion.

1.Great Oaks Charter Schools: Committed to recruit and develop talented teachers, recent college graduates, and school administrators, Great Oaks Charter Schools offer class-apart instruction and has a strong positive school culture. The institute believes that effective instruction and positive school culture are important factors in the success of students. Great Oaks with its strong and positive culture seeks hard-working individuals, as they believe that brilliant educators create bright futures.

2.KinderCare Education: Founded in 1969, KinderCare Education, has over the years successfully focused on helping children in their formative years. With time-tested techniques and proven results, KinderCare Education now boasts of classrooms in about 38 states. KinderCare Education is one of the largest nationwide providers of early childhood education in the US and aims to offer the best educational start to every child by providing children with an environment of pure learning, adventure, and joy – a place where they can flourish and grow.

3.Success Academy Charter Schools: Nationally recognized for its groundbreaking, whole-child school model including outstanding academic results, Success Academy Charter Schools has a network of 45 public charter schools that is focused on about 18,000 K-12 students in some of the most underserved neighborhoods of the New York City. With their creativity, drive, and passion for nothing but excellence to create extraordinary public schools, check out reviews which deliver on every child’s potential as writers, artists, and historians among others.

4.Edvantic: With its mission to make high-quality education available to one and all – from K12 and higher education to professional education and beyond, Edvantic’s purpose is to ensure that everyone gets the education, skilling, and upskilling students and learners need to compete and thrive in the 21st century.

Edvantic designs and delivers a huge range of education solutions and programs for professionals and enterprises globally through the Edvantic ecosystem. The ecosystem includes governments, credentialing and accreditation bodies, universities, global corporations, along with multilateral aid bodies.

5.Teachers Pay Teachers: Founded in 2006 by a New York City’s public school teacher, Teachers Pay Teachers was launched to aid educators in serving their students better by facilitating the resources exchange, materials, and lesson plans. Since then, the organization has grown beyond the niche it was first launched into and now has an expansive service and marketplace with broader offerings. The organization’s website is now used by more than six million teachers globally.

These education companies are trying their best to innovating education and offer nothing but the best to the students all over the world. While there are more such educational companies that are making waves in the education industry, these have made a difference in the field of education.

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