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Education is a Right, Not a Privilege

It is totally inappropriate to even consider education as a privilege because every human should have freedom of learning and given a chance of making their lives meaningful. Unfortunately, even in such a progressive and broad minded society, we still witness that many people between us lack the very basic right. Many young children are not blessed enough to continue their studies because of different circumstances.

Despite age, gender and status, education is crucial of everyone. There are numerous uncountable evil actions going on and it is due to the lack of knowledge and education. Being educated doesn't directly relate to buy expensive things, having luxurious facilities or bank balance but the main principle of it to differentiate between the biased and unbiased.

Current society needs more educated people who can participate in bringing peace and prosperity in the world. The ugly reality of today’s world is that those who have all the legal rights and power don't even care or question about the injustice faced by the people just because  they can’t afford to get admission in top most ranked colleges and universities.

Below are the few points which should be highlighted and discuss on the problems tolerated by common people:


1- Rich will be rich:

The unnecessary use of strength and control destroyed the roots of society. Merit should be the first priority of getting admission or selecting for a job. This way the deserving ones will not be left out and will get equal respect and perks.


2- Gender discrimination: 

One should be appreciated for performance, behavior and abilities. Chauvinism and favoritism should never be encouraged at any cost because education is free from all these man made boundaries.


3- Quality of public and private education:

Schools, colleges from every sector must deliver the same standard of teachings and should be free from the concept of unfairness. It’s the duty of every sector to behave responsibly.


4-Rules for everyone:

A restriction should be imposed on everyone uniformly. No matter of their power and superiority, all the people should abide to follow laws.


The rise of flourishing society:

If we together understand the importance of education for every human irrespective of his financial status and background, we can absolutely bring about positive changes in our surroundings. Many people in history took help from education and the entire world remembers their services and contribution towards the betterment. Its high time to spread awareness.


Education gives faith, assurance and kind of satisfaction. It helps in building multiple positive traits and virtues. A certain group of people still consider being educated as a privilege and fortune but actually it is the highest obligation. One step at a time would be enough to make things work in the right way.

MBA will keep you one step ahead:

With the increasing demand for expertise and knowledge, masters of business administration will help to unfold your ways towards success. It automatically gives a positive impact on your resume and increases your worth. A persons passion and dedication can make a change in their career and add more value to the personality. Although its an ideal opportunity if you want to switch your field. It doesn't bound you to only one option but allows you to take a fresh start. So think about your goals, decide, select your desired specialization, and execute them practically.

About The Writer:

Jenifer Brown is a tireless and energetic author. Her devoted behavior makes dissertation help service in London much more reachable and available for everyone. She is sincere with her work and putting more efforts wholeheartedly to convey the right message.

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