Education Management Will Become Important in the Years to Come!


The global workforce is in urgent need of reskilling themselves if they wish to stay in their jobs.

Recently, the World Economic Forum declared a reskilling emergency. Why?

The world is facing a reskilling emergency, as about one billion jobs will be transformed by technology.

And how does it affect the education industry?

The global condition of education and especially the condition of education in the US and the developing countries is worrisome. And to top it the global pandemic has only added to the worsening situation.
The COVID crisis exposed the widening gap in the education system globally.

Picture this:

• In low-income countries the completion of school rate is about 79% for the richest families and about 34% in the poorest families
• Remote learning is a distant dream for almost 500 million students

This is the state of education globally. Now read this…

• By 2030 there will be an urgent need to reskill more than one billion people as the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s will transform the jobs 
• By 2022 about 42% of the core skills needed to perform the existing jobs will change 
• About 133 million new jobs will be created by the Fourth Industrial Revolution by 2022 

With no formal education available to most of the students – who will be entering the jobs market in the near future, the state of education demands some corrective measures.

This is where the global education system needs to introduce executive education programs that will help or at least try to help eradicate illiteracy rates and ensure students are trained on the skills needed to survive in the coming years.

As the education leaders have predicted that along with technology skills that will be in demand, the new skills high in demand will be specialized interpersonal skills along with skills related to human resources, education, and sales.

Education? Yes, the Education sector.

How else will the world be able to bridge the gap of diminishing skills and address this reskilling emergency that is lurking around?

While educating leaders is important what is more important is education management. This is the time when education management needs to be put into practice so as to ensure that there are educators who care not only for education but also for the students.

Executive education programs that are more focused on imparting the skills the future workforce may need is the demand for an hour and so is the skill of ‘Intentional learning.’

Intentional learning in most simple words and as stated according to a report by McKinsey is about approaching every experience as an opportunity to learn. The education management will help in building educators who are dedicated to the cause of building new skills demanded by the Fourth Industry Revolution’s technology transformation.