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Kicksta Review: Effective Growth Strategy for 2023?

We understand that there are lots of options available when it comes to growth services, so research is important before you make any big decisions - that’s why we’ve created this Kicksta review to give you some insight into one of the leading growth services available. 

This guide will help you to fully understand what Kicksta is all about so that you can make an informed decision when determining your social media marketing campaigns and growth strategy for 2023.

Kicksta’s Growth Strategy

Kicksta prides itself on providing organic Instagram growth to its customers. Essentially, the way it works is that clients provide Kicksta with their Instagram information, and then Kicksta begins working on the client’s behalf. 

Through the customer’s Instagram account, Kicksta will like posts that have been published by other accounts in that client’s niche. 

This naturally draws attention to the client’s account and raises curiosity in accounts that would be likely to follow it. 

As other accounts in the customer’s niche begin to see the name of their account more and more, these users will head to the customer’s page and will be more inclined to give that account a follow. This generates Instagram growth from real followers, which is an organic alternative to purchasing likes or follows from bots or fake accounts.

Kicksta never leaves comments on behalf of their clients, focusing instead on growth that stems from likes. 

All clients also have access to a dashboard through Kicksta, which allows them to monitor their growth progress.

What Is Kicksta?

Kicksta is run by a team of professionals in both social media and business, which creates a well-developed Instagram growth system for clients. 

The growth that Kicksta provides is rooted in AI-powered technology, and it is designed to be natural and steady.

Compared to some competitors that provide instantaneous growth through spam and bots, Kicksta’s growth strategy is safe and secure. Kicksta prides itself on protecting the safety of its clients’ information and ensuring that no private client info is ever leaked.

Additionally, since Kicksta provides all organic growth, its methods do not violate any of Instagram’s rules and regulations. Purchasing likes and follows is not allowed by Instagram, so the natural growth that Kicksta garners does not put its customers’ accounts in jeopardy of being temporarily or permanently blocked.

Kicksta’s Main Features

Some of Kicksta’s primary features are ones that we’ve highlighted in previous sections, such as its emphasis on real followers and organic growth, the lack of bots or fake followers involved with Kicksta, and its proprietary AI technology.

Another key feature of Kicksta that should be noted is its targeting features. All Kicksta users can select certain accounts that they would like the service to target when developing a growth plan. Additionally, users who have Kicksta’s premium plans have access to an advanced targeting feature, which allows users to identify relevant hashtags and geo-locations to narrow down their target audiences. 

All of Kicksta’s features, from the liking method explained above, to the advanced targeting feature we just outlined, contribute to the process of gaining real followers on behalf of clients. 

Kicksta also provides growth tools that are available to all users, such as the free hashtag generator. 

This helps Instagram users to enhance their hashtag skills, which is a huge part of Instagram growth - so Kicksta can help you out before you even sign up for one of their plans!

Kicksta’s Pricing Plans

Kicksta offers a Standard Plan, a Premium Plan and a Boost Plan, with additional features in each subsequent subscription option. All three plans include a 14-day money-back guarantee and a no-contract, cancel-anytime policy, allowing users to try out the service without a long-term commitment.

The most basic plan, the Standard Plan, is available for $49 per month, and it includes moderate growth speed, onboarding courses and 10 Instagram targets.

The Premium Plan offers maximum growth speed, onboarding courses, 40 Instagram targets, VIP email support, blacklist services and advanced targeting. This plan is available for $99 per month.

Finally, the Kicksta + TSMA Boost Plan includes the same features as the Premium Plan, as well as 850+ guaranteed followers per month, no Instagram login needed, diversified audience from global influencers, onboarding video and premium 5-days-per-week text support. This plan is offered at $218 per month.

Kicksta’s Pros And Cons

As we’ve noted throughout this Kicksta review, there are a lot of pros to using Kicksta. For example, the natural growth that the service garners by attracting real followers is a major pro for Kicksta. 

Many of its competitors offer fake followers, especially by selling followers and likes, which employs the use of bots or spam accounts. 

Purchasing fake followers through such services can get your account flagged by Instagram for violating its code of conduct. This can eventually lead to having your account banned either temporarily or permanently. Therefore, the organic growth that Kicksta offers, which follows all of Instagram’s guidelines, gives Kicksta a significant leg up against competitors. 

One aspect of Kicksta that could be considered a con is its subscription plans and pricing. Some users may consider this a downside, as there is a significant cost required in order to access all of Kicksta’s features. 

On the other hand, Kicksta provides various options that meet the needs and wants of individual users. While a long-term plan may seem inconvenient to some users when compared to a quick purchase of followers from other sites, it’s important to keep in mind that the long-term nature of Kicksta’s service is what achieves the organic growth that Kicksta prides itself on.

Final Verdict: Is Kicksta Effective For Instagram Growth?

So, the bottom line of our Kicksta review: is Kicksta effective for Instagram growth? 

Our conclusion is yes, Kicksta is a leading Instagram growth service, and for good reason!

With a variety of features available that allow you to tailor your organic Instagram growth to the needs of your account, Kicksta provides users with an experience that results in real followers that last. 

Plus, the dashboard that users can access allows customers to keep an eye on their Instagram growth that comes from Kicksta’s work.

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