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Effective Solutions to Hiring Problems With Staff Augmentation

Unless you run a staffing agency, hiring talent is both time-consuming and very costly. Not even the most effective HR in a company can recruit and match relevant expertise to opportunities. Full-time employees are long-term investments.

However, what if you need a short-term capacity of talent to scale up your business quickly? This is where staff augmentation comes in. Staff augmentation refers to outsourcing workers with specific skills or roles. It has provided solutions for many companies seeking such kinds of services.

Augmentation is mostly helpful in engineering or IT, where there is a need for highly specialized labor for immensely large projects. Therefore, instead of spending large amounts of money on hiring long-term employees, companies have now embraced outsourcing contracts to specialized employees.

So, how is Staff Augmentation Solving the Hiring Problem?

As earlier pointed out, staff augmentation is mostly preferred in the engineering and IT sectors. This is because these fields require a highly-qualified and experienced workforce. Hence, the recruitment of such skilled staff increases the expenses of a particular company.

But staff augmentation solves this problem by saving both time and, of course, considerable resources. The following are some of the benefits of augmentation in solving the hiring problem.

1. Cost-Effective

As you may know, the hiring process demands significant amounts of expenses. Therefore, if a company were to use the traditional staffing process, it would cost it more than the annual salary it pays out to its employees. Reasons being, recruiting, training, and salary expenses can cost an employer, both an arm and a leg.

Moreover, studies show that replacing an employee can cost double and triple the amount used to pay that replacement. With so doing, employers might find themselves between a rock and a hard place when filling the vacant positions of highly-specialized and experienced talents of the company.

Here are some of the significant contributors to staffing expenses:

•    Sponsorships in a job fair

•    Postings in recruitments

•    Recruitment trips in Colleges

•    And Pro memberships, among other factors.

One thing to understand is that all these expenses don’t include the salary of the new employee(s).

To save you the budget, staff augmentation solves this problem by significantly cutting down the costs. How? You ask. Companies no longer need to hire long-term employees for short-term services.

They can easily hire professional talent and pay for their services according to the terms agreed in their contract. For example, a deal can only demand that the company pay the worker as per the time devoted to finalizing a particular task.

Additionally, staff augmentation ensures that recruitment expenses are no more, and this is because costs in job postings or training the employees aren’t required.

Staff augmentation focuses on hiring workers equipped with both relevant knowledge and practice on a particular job.

2. Staff Augmentation is a Lowering Risk Initiative

Though it has its benefits, hiring a long-term employee comes with considerable amounts of risks. It's a risk when you decide to hand over all of the company's major projects to a new employee.

Because they are new, you have no idea about the efficiency and accuracy of this person's ability to complete specific tasks. It's like you are hiring blindly and hoping for the best.

Fortunately, this isn’t the case with staff augmentation. Because you are always hiring skilled personnel, you won’t have to worry about the deadline or quality of work done. Hence, staff augmentation ensures guarantees 100% quality and efficiency.

It enables you to outsource and get high-quality work done in an agreed period. Your company, therefore, lowers the risk of falling into any losses.

3. Efficient

Because the hiring process is a lengthy one, companies end up losing significant scaling opportunities while recruiting employees. In the case of unprecedented resignations or firings, companies need to search for new employees to fill the present vacancies quickly.

Other times a company loses its most valuable employee or may need large volumes of labor for advanced projects. This results in seeking specialized employees or additional staff.

Knowing the hiring process, the time used may put both the company's productivity and reputation at stake. This is where staff augmentation becomes necessary.

Staff augmentation makes it simpler to find both skilled and experienced workforce in little time. Therefore, it renders no more the process of interviews, job postings, and background checks, among other time-consuming traditional practices.

Studies show that it takes companies at least 23 days to accomplish the staffing process. Additionally, it takes months to train and get this new employee to work accurately. This can result in missing significant business opportunities.

But with staff augmentation, your company is safe from such a lengthy process of hiring. Staff augmentation gives you specialized workers, who only take a few days to start working on the company’s projects.


4. Keeps Staff Turnover in Check

It can be very frustrating and inconvenient for a company when a key staff resigns, which could cost a certain project they were working on. With augmentation, this is an issue long gone. As an employer, you will be assured of having a consistent and steady workforce. Basically, you will get an immediate replacement for any staff who resigns, whereby you get a staff with the same skill level.

This ensures that you do not lose on any deliverables when servicing your clients. Your outsourcing vendor will ensure that you get the staff you need at the shortest time possible, thereby streamlining your service deliveries. 

You will be happy to note that you do not have to suffer from resignations of a random nature, and they do not risk crippling your business. Even when an entire office resigns, you will get timely replacement that ensures your productivity is maintained. 


Staff augmentation is an amazing way by which you will always ensure the continuity of your business, without being threatened by resignations of your key staff. It is an innovative way of handling staff turnover and should be adopted by all businesses. Should you want to find the IT Staff Augmentation experts near you, you can check out for more information.

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