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Effective Tips for Towing A Boat and Trailering

You want adventure in your life, right?  Try boating in gorgeous lakes around you. But, take care of your boat towing first. Boating is a great way to explore different water bodies in your region. Are you ready to have an adventure with your boat but find yourself in a pesky problem of taking it to and from the lake?

Towing a boat is a different experience. You may feel anxious before it, especially if it is your first time. If you want to have a safe boat towing, you must consider choosing the right kind of boat trailer. Hitting the highway with a boat and trailer means you would need extra space on the road.

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You would have extra weight, width, and axle on the road. With the right kind of boat trailer and some safety measures, you can experience the best boat towing adventure. We will be guiding you about the effective tips you can opt for a fantastic boat towing experience. Let’s read our article and find out.

Some Safe Towing Preparation Tips

Before towing, it is essential to check the things that are important for towing preparation. First of all, you should check that your towing vehicle is up to the mark. It must be capable of bearing the weight of the trailer and the boat, plus additional things you would be taking on board.

Check The Weight Of Your Vehicle

A small vehicle can’t handle your boat weight. Check your vehicle’s manual to see what is its Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR), which determines the weight limit capacity of your vehicle. Ideally, SUV is used for boat towing and other towing purposes. Make sure that it is capable of lifting the load of the trailer, boat, people, gears, and other important machinery.

Know Your Trailer Capacity

You must also know your trailer capacity. How many loads it can bear? Also, pay attention to the tongue weight. Too much tongue weight can disbalance the boat, leading to a serious accident.

The the coupler should be smaller than the ball hitch. Appropriate tongue weight is about 10-15% of the total weight of the loaded trailer. Let’s see how your trailer class can match with the hitch.


Trailer Class

Weight Of Towing

Class 1

< 2000 lb

Class 2

2000 - 3500 lb

Class 3

3500 - 5000 lb

Class 4

5000 - 12000 lb

Distribute The Weight Evenly

Make sure to distribute the weight evenly on the boat. Stay within maximum trailer weight’s capacity and try not to overweigh it. Secure your weight with some chains and strings to avoid weight shifting during towing.

Check Your Tires

That is not for towing only. Before heading anywhere, you must ensure that your tires are in good condition. They must not be more than six years old. Plus, check for their grip and another traction capability.

Adjust Your Mirror

It may be difficult for you to look behind and see the traffic coming. You just can’t see the traffic behind the trailer boat. Therefore, adjust your mirror before and then leave. Your mirrors must give you a clear view of the rear part. You can also consider installing such mirrors that give you a wider vision of the back.

Pick The Right Vehicle

Picking the right vehicle to tow your boat is crucial. Your car may not be powerful enough to bear the weight of your boat and trailer. Therefore, you must go for a powerful vehicle such as a truck or SUV. Also, your car may not be able to make a wide cut as a truck or SUV can make.

How Should You Steer?

Steering the vehicle with a boat trailer has a simple trick. Usually, on the turns, you have to take a wide turn rather than going naturally. Give yourself some extra space to adjust the trailer behind you. Straightening the wheels before and then taking a wide turn is usually the best bet.

Location Matters

How you have to prepare your boat towing is entirely dependent on where you are heading. If you have to go to a lake located in some mountainous area, special precautionary measures should be taken for having perfect tires. If you would be going over slippery surfaces, then a four-wheel the drive would be better.

Lastly, we would suggest you call for a professional towing service such as Action Towing Service if you don’t have an idea of how to tow a boat.

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