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Effective Trade Show Tips to Stand out Among the Giants


The ultimate objective of exhibiting your products and services at a trade show event is to boost sales and build lasting business relationships. When you use the right method to publicize your brand presence, you can drive more traffic to your booth, no matter how competitive the industry. Here’s how to take your trade show display to the next level:

  1. Incorporate Technology

Tech geeks aren’t simply attracted to a PowerPoint presentations or video presentations. Introduce interactive elements, such as touch screens, virtual reality simulations, augmented reality visuals, and more to attract them to your booth. These cutting-edge technologies provide tech nerds the opportunity to engage through gamification. Include creative games that make visitors keep coming back for more prizes. Get everyone to interact with your brand by including polls and text-to-win contests. Work with your team and provide a virtual reality booth experience that allows the crowd to engage with both technology and your brand.

  1. Know Your Budget

If you’re working within a smaller budget, you may not be able to afford big display stand and a lot of booth space. Depending on your business and budget, you can still choose entry-level banner stands and make a splash in the exhibition. Do not overcrowd your booth space with too many staff members. It can end up saving a significant amount of money on food, accommodation, and transportation. Bring only trained staff who can convert strangers into prospects. Stop printing too many materials as people aren’t too attracted to brochures these days. Instead, use QR codes that let users visit your official website and learn more about your products and services; these are crucial when it comes to learning how to obtain more value from the limited spend.

  1. Creative Booth with a Recharge Station

Cell phone chargers are one of the top items left at homes or in hotel rooms. You can usually see conference attendees using their gadgets to take pictures, to post these pictures on social media, or to get involved in polls and text-to-win contests. If their battery is down, they may feel comfortable finding themselves unplugged from smartphones. They look for charging stations rather than returning back to home. Be smart to rent a charging station close to your trade show booth. It can act as a magnet to attract more guests. These keep attendees at your booth for a longer period, and you can use this opportunity to market service offerings and current promotions. Make sure to increase visibility by displaying a ‘Free Charging Station’ message on a banner stand: see how visitors flock to your booth. This type of creativity can help to build a buzz for your brand. Visit us to buy high-quality trade show banner stands and get your message seen and remembered. Call 877-389-8645 to get in touch with our team from Banner Stand Pros. Our display stands can help bring your brand closer to your target customers.

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