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Effective Ways for Gel Ink Stains Removal

Effective Ways for Gel Ink Stains Removal 47d6cedd

Pen and paper are core part of the lives and a kind of daily used materials! It is obvious that during using pens people often end up with ink stains on their clothes. It ruins the entire appearance of the dress material also if it is not accounted on time it can leave permanent stain.

Moreover, making use of improper methods will end up with permanent discolouration of the garment along with persistent stains. Read on this blog to know how experienced dry cleaners deal with ink stains on the clothes.   

Step-I: Soak and Blot up the stain

The container should be filled up with cold water in which the stained spot of the garments will be soaked well for about 20 minutes. Then, blot up the stain using a paper towel for absorption of excessive moisture.


At first, take 2-sheet of paper towel and lay it on an even and clean surface on which you have to position the stained area of the clothes. Now spray some alcohol-based hairspray on it for breaking down of its tincture. Use paper towel for patting the stain up for its absorption. This process should be repeated until the stain doesn’t get vanished completely from your clothes.

Step-III: Use Nail Polish Remover to treat ink stains

Ink stain can be removed by using nail polish remover as well. All you have to do is to add a couple of drops into liquid laundry detergent and soak the garment into it. Gently rub the spot in-between your fingers and rinse off it well by using plain water. 

Step-IV: Deal the ink stains with Commercial Stain Remover

Take a big stainless pot made of steel and fill it with water. Boil the water and add a cup of commercial stain remover to it. Then stir the solution continuously. Bring the heat into simmer and immerse the stained garment into it so that the stain can break down easily and get dissolved into it completely.

Take out the cloth piece from it and allow it to brew in normal room temperature. Then load the cloth into the washing machine for vigorous washing. If you are washing your clothes only by using this method then prefer hot water every time.

Step-V: Apply the paste of Ammonia and Powdered Detergent

Take ammonia and powdered detergent in a bowl and add equal amount of water to prepare a thick paste. It should be applied on the remaining ink stains on your dress and allow it to sit for about 5 minutes.

Be careful while doing so as if the paste comes in contact to any other parts of the dress material it can cause colour fading. Rinse off the treated spot well with water for proper removal of the remaining residue.  

Step-VI: Add Ink Treatment to your cleaning solution

By adding ink treatment to your cleaning solution the oily part of the stain will be removed completely. However, it leaves some traces of stain on the cloth afterwards with which you have to deal differently. 

Step- VII: Spray some Home Laundry Treatment Spray

Soak the dress material well in water and make use of home laundry treatment spray on the stained spot. It will soften the ink stain and results in its breaking down completely. As a result, stain will be removed from your clothes properly without leaving any further residue behind after vigorous washing.

Step-VIII: Repeat the process

In case you find a slight trace of stain is still visible then repeat the above mentioned procedures until it gets vanished totally from your daily wear or special wear.

If you are running short of time or find it hassle to deal with the ink stains on your clothes then it is better to hire a professional one. By using search string- ‘dry cleaners near me in London’ look for an experience cleaner in your locality. This will assure you that your clothes are in safe hands and it will be clean it with great care and at affordable price. 

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