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Effective Ways To Enhance Your Child's Study Skills For Homeschooling

Every parent wants their kids to excel in everything they do. From their hobbies to studies, they want them to succeed. Parents give their hundred percent in educating their children but, If you are homeschooling your child, then you are always giving more than a hundred. 


Homeschooling is the best option for children who have difficulty in learning and retaining information, as it provides more focus and undivided attention to them. It focuses on each subject more thoroughly then schools. You can recognize the main interest and ability of your child and can groom them in that particular field, be it science or literature.

How to help kids in developing learning skills at Home?

There are tons of resources available online to help you and your kid along the homeschooling process, especially for subjects like maths, science, history, etc. But, if you want to focus more on your child's reading, writing, and speaking ability, then you have to work alongside online resources as well. Learning new vocabulary words with their different meanings and correct spelling is crucial for young writers. Many online websites and applications are there that encourage your child to learn vocabulary and spelling like SpellQuiz, and also provide a platform to test their knowledge. Here are some learning methods that you can implement in your homeschooling procedure to improve your child's English language skills.


5 Essential Ways For Improving your Child's Learning

  1. Learning from the surrounding

The best speaker and writer is the one who can successfully deliver the concept behind their speech or writing through proficient use of words. A child of a young age absorbs the information from their surrounding environment, so the more you exposed them to new terms, the better their vocabulary will become. Try to use labels and post-it notes on the household items from the kitchen, bathroom, garage, etc. to help your child learn new words from their environment. According to research, children understand a new word after being exposed to it at least 12 times. So for your child to learn vocabulary, you must use proper English words in front of them and not water them down.

  1. Memorizing Correct Spellings

According to a survey, about more than 40% of students fail in their SATs and other exams. Incorrect spellings and wrong usage of vocabulary are the main reason for it. You want your kid to practice memorizing new words from a very young age. 4th grade spelling words list is a great way to start learning spellings, as the vocabularies are not advanced. There are several methods you can use to help your kid in memorizing correct spellings. The best way is to use the 'stair-step' method. Ask your kid to write the memorized alphabet of the word as if they are stairs, adding every letter of the vocabulary at a time. Once your child has learned the spellings, you can test their knowledge by taking a spelling test for grade 4.

  1. Reading Regularly

A good reader is a good leader. People of all ages need to read regularly, even if it is a page or two. Children should be encouraged to read not just course books but others as well. Try to recognize your child's interests and let him or her read books accordingly for their enjoyment. Love for reading grows in young children because they read for fun and not for routine. If your child is too young to start reading, then you can read the book to them. Listening also helps in learning pronunciation and vocabulary. You can do a buddy read with them as well. Children are keen observers and often follow what they see and not what they are told.

  1. Writing for fun

Most children usually don't like writing their school assignments. So, instead of forcing your child to write pages about irrelevant topics like my school, ask them to write what interests them. Letting your child write without correcting them will develop confidence and love for writing. Once they start writing more often, you can lightly point out their mistakes and help them to rectify it. But it is essential to understand that not all children are similarly gifted. Some are genius at science or maths but struggles with writing, and some are just the opposite of that. While this is not an excuse to abandon writing, as it is a very crucial skill, you must allow your child to learn at their pace.

  1. Play with Words

Children are not like adults and get bored easily with something that even interests them. So if you want your child to learn new words, memorize something, listen, and even read, you have to make the activity interesting. Include fun educational activities in your child's playtime. You can play with word puzzle together and ask them to write down each word you make. Tell them if they correctly memorize the spelling, then they will get a treat or candy.

The Endnote

If you want your kid to become a successful writer or even good at English, then you need to follow these suggestions and make the education as interesting as possible.

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