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Effective Ways to Increase your Link Building Outreach Response Rate

Visibility is the holy grail of marketing. Without visibility, no one sees your content, becomes aware of your brand or engages with your product.

In the online world of brand development and marketing, it is all about relationship building. From an SEO viewpoint, link building through manual outreach is key to increasing your organic visibility. Also, how you can help other websites, and how they can help you drive traffic to your website. The problem is that people go about it all wrong and expect skyrocketing results.

The following outreach tips will help you get relevant outside sources to include links to your sites and gain exposure.

1.Content Promotion

Content promotion is simply telling people about your site’s content that could be of interest to them or their readers. You can promote your existing content in three ways:

  • Resource Page Link Building- find resource pages, local guides, curated lists and request them to link to your content.
  • Broken Link Building- find websites linking to pages or sites that are no longer available and ask them to link to your newer, improved version of the old information.
  • Newly Posted Blog Outreach- look for freshly published blog posts that mention a topic you have covered in detail. Reach out to the blogger and suggest your content as a reference in the new post.

However, you should not expect every outreach to link back to your content, but consistent promotion tactics will help you build up links, social shares, and traffic to your content.

2. Securing Brand Names

For this strategy, sign up as a source on HARO [Help a Reporter Out], a site that helps journalists, sites, and brands gain exposure through what the journalist writes. You will receive emails detailing sources that a journalist is looking for, and respond to sources that are relevant to your site.

3. Guest Posts

Guest posting in quality sites will help you reach an audience that may have taken years to build. You also become a credible source on the topic and help your site gain traffic.

4. Provide Valuable Content

Ensure that your content is of value and beneficial to the websites you reach out to. These websites will link back to your site if your content is good for their audience.

5. Develop your Outreach Message

There are various ways to do this:

  • Personalize your emails- avoid generic mass emails and instead give a personalized feeling to each email by adding the name of the site and mentioning something related it. This helps build some sort of rapport and increases the chances of a response.
  • Make your Emails Concise- keep them short, while bolding or italicizing key points.


Do not only look to build links, but relationships too. Therefore, use a natural tone in your approach.

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