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Eft (electronic funds transfer) payment.

Electronic funds transfer is one of the ways to transfer money from one bank account to another bank account that can be sent within the same bank account or it can be sent from the same bank account to another bank account with the help of computer based system or with the help of internet from your mobile phone without the direct connection from bank employees.

According to the United States of America they passed a bill in their senate in 1978. That bill said a fund transfer that is initiated through an electronic terminal like telephone or a computer that even includes online banking or a magnetic tape that will help for the order  or any kind of instruction or authorization of financial institution, it can even have the right to debit from someone's bank  account and credited to another's bank account.

Electronic funds transfer (EFT) are called differently in different countries such as in the United States of America they are called electronic funds transfer as electronic checks or e - checks. In the United Kingdom they use the term as bank transfers, or bank payments. In other European countries they preferred the word giro transfer.

Is EFT (Electronic funds transfer) safe for all of the customers? Is there any risk factor?

It is one of the faster as well as more efficient, compare this technique with other techniques it is less expensive than normal check transactions also. We called this kind of transfer far safer than other media of transfer and secure too.

 Now the main question arises is electronic funds transfer (EFT) is it hackable?

Now, let me tell you it is very important to know about no payment method or any kind of collection event that is 100% safe or it cannot be hacked. There is always a chance if you didn't use this medium with care. You have to pay the price. According to the expert analysis,  they say Electronic funds transfer (EFT) is more secure if we compared this with a normal check. They also said it's security is extremely higher than others. Each year lot's of unnamed numbers of checks  are getting lost. But in case of electronic funds transfer you don't need to go anywhere you can use it in your home as well. There is a lowest number of chances that your money will be cheated. If you are using Electronic funds transfer (EFT)  you can even share extremely sensitive information with your partners or business organizations where you have daily basis transactions. If you want to use electronic funds transfer (EFT) you need to have a verified bank account number and a registered phone number that has been attached with your bank and you need a permanent home address. If you ever provide each and every details of your banking to an unknown person who is fraudulent then you might be in trouble. To ensure your safety in electronic funds transfer (EFT) transactions. Always you need to take precautions. While you are spending all of your information with the help of internet service on different websites be careful and try to know if that website is giving you proper encryption technology. If the website doest give you this kind facilities or protection of your legal documents try to find another website due to betterment of yours. Try to review your bank every time in every month by updating your passbook or you can check it online as well. If you found any kind of mismatch dont waste time go ahead and talk to banks customer care. For example Your risk for incorrect exchanges might be restricted, as long as you report the issue inside a sensible time period. For instance, in the United States, buyers are responsible just for the initial 50 US Dollars (USD) of a deceitful EFT exchange, given that it is accounted for inside two days of accepting a bank explanation posting the exchange.two-day time period, your obligation goes up. Buyer obligation is covered at 500 USD for reports made inside 60 days of getting the bank statements. After the 60-day mark, shoppers hazard losing all the cash implied in the fraudulent exchange.

With everything taken into account, EFT exchanges are far more secure than composing paper checks. At the point when you pay with a money order, you make it feasible for any individual who ends up seeing your check to acquire your financial balance and steering numbers. Regularly, paper checks go through numerous hands on their way to the bank. Any individual who looks at your check has the chance to take your data and use it to acquire cash from your record. EFT exchanges are scrambled for transmission, diminishing the danger of unlawful capture.

Do you know how long it take to transfer money from one bank account to another bank account?

Your EFT payment may take somewhere in the range of one to four days. Some electronic transfer  are sent and received within the same day (e.g., wire transfer). EFT installments generally just process that on business working days. What's more, that may even take certain time due bank links problems

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