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Running a business is not an easy thing, but the more challenging task is to maintain your clientele. These customers play a vital role in the growth of your business. Either you are running a restaurant or a salon, in both cases, you need proper marketing to gain the attention of your customers. If you’re working day and night for your business to grow, but not using the ideal marketing strategies for your business, then you may not be able to expand your business strategically.

Repeating the same old marketing techniques will not help you to attract more customers, you need to go for some new schemes. You need ideas that do not only gain the loyalty of your old clients but also help to attract new clients as well. Social media can play a dominant role in this by promoting offers that can attract a lot of customers. Sharing pictures on the social networking website or by offering various massages at discounted prices are very beneficial.

Similarly, using big posters on billboards for advertising also works. But on the other hand, salon supplies wholesale retailers, do not only offer you beauty products at affordable prices, but they also play a massive part in the marketing of your salon. As these wholesale companies have a reputation in the market and they have connections with other beauty salons.

By following these steps, you can draw the attention of a large number of customers at your salon.


One of the easiest ways to gain the attention of your customers, social media is a tool that provides several ways to promote your business. These days, Instagram is much more convenient in helping your salon by shout outs or paid ads by celebrities.

YouTube can also be a powerful tool to promote your salon that will attract more clients. By uploading a video of your most popular bridal makeup or working on a new hairstyle.


You can also run paid ads on google that will attract any nearby local search for a salon. These paid ads should be precise and exciting that your client cannot resist and book an appointment. You could also mention the offers provided by the salon to attract the customers.


Though it sounds strange, this is a unique way to get the attention of others. Make a separate area in your salon where people can take their pictures after their services and ask them to share on their Instagram or Facebook with check-in. You can encourage them for this by giving discount vouchers for their next visit.


Save your time and energy by booking appointments online, as it will be convenient for your salon and your clients too. In this way, you can book the sessions 24/7 rather than booking appointments on call for a specific number of people. 24/7 online booking will also multiply your customers.


It is one of the most effective techniques to get the attention of your clients. Promote your offers according to the season, like giving a discount on bridal makeup in the wedding season with other complementary services. Or you can also avail of several holiday seasons with some different offers like national hair day special offers.


Sponsoring a local fashion show can help in building a strong public relations with so many renowned artists, celebrities, and other high profile people. By offering your salon’s services to their models or showstoppers and in correspondence, ask them to promote your salon in their brochures or Instagram posts. Because these artists have a huge fan following that will not only help your salon but will make your salon a big name as well.


It is another most straightforward way to attract a considerable number of customers by giving special discount packages on multiple services. Promotion can be done in the old traditional style via pamphlets or ads in the newspaper as it targets a wide range of customers in the minimum budget. You can also upload these discount offers on social media or ask the celebrities to shout out for your salon and its services. 


If you are good at providing the best services to your clients, then ask these happy clients to write their reviews about your salon and its services. These online reviews from delighted customers, leave a positive and good impression of your salon and its hospitality towards its customers. In this way, people get to know more about your salon’s environment, its experienced staff, and services and this is how you can also make new clients too.


There are various ways by which you can turn your small business into a bigger one, but that requires lots of effort and marketing techniques. Some people even hire marketing companies to attract their customers while a few approach other economical ways. You can also target a large number of customers by giving discount offers or free complimentary services on one service. Gift vouchers or deal packages at a reasonable rate can also pull your customers. You can even use big size posters on billboards for the promotion of your salon or by signing a celebrity for bridal or theme photoshoot to gain the attention of your customers.

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