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Ej Dalius Discusses Three Key Aspects of Entrepreneurial Marketing

Entrepreneurial marketing is not a solo marketing tactic but the entire spirit of marketing, unlike conventional marketing strategies. Traditional marketing is usually meant for big, established businesses while, entrepreneurial marketing leverages a set of new and unconventional marketing practices to let promising, on the rise companies gain a powerful grip in teeming marketplaces.

Entrepreneurial marketing practices arise out of business needs and function within restricted budgets with access to limited resources compared to their key competitors. According to an article published on, the idea of entrepreneurial marketing is in its nascent stage and there is a huge need to develop tools, principles, and theories for assisting firms, most of the startups and small businesses. Read on to learn more.

  1. Eric J Dalius explains who uses entrepreneurial marketing

New, emerging, and startups make the best use of entrepreneurial marketing, as perceived by EjDalius, as he is an entrepreneur himself and knows how to lead a business. Now, it is essential to identify the big firms from startups or small organizations. Though they begin on a small scale, they envision to expand fast to become the key players in their niche industry. It is distinctly different from small cafés or restaurants that are satisfied to operate small everlastingly. However, when it comes to entrepreneurial marketing, growth is the key objective and marketing is the only road to growth.

  1. Steps for entrepreneurial marketing to pique customer interest

Eric Dalius knows about the strategic steps for entrepreneurial marketing to pique consumer interest. These include:

Define your buyers:

First, you need to define your buyers and their needs. For example, if you sell anti-aging creams for women, your target audience would be middle-aged women in their late 20s as well as women, who are 40 years of age or more.

Sell something new:

You need to sell new products or services. Anything that already exists and popular in the market will not create customer interest.

Provide outstanding customer service:

No matter what products or services you offer, provide exceptional and round-the-clock customer service.

Try these ways to become an excellent customer service professional:

  1. Be friendly
  2. Respond in a timely manner
  3. Know your product or service
  4. Listen to your customers
  5. Say thank you
  6. Get to know your customers
  7. Ask for feedback

Reach out to customers at the right place:

You need to reach out to the audience where they are. For example, if you sell cosmetics and beauty products, target beauty stores, salons, spas, parlors, and even shopping plazas.

  1. Ways to build entrepreneurial marketing plans

Self-evaluation of a business will help it delineate its position in the market and set practical entrepreneurship goals. When a company has products to sell to elite business consumers, it will not use funny videos on Instagram or YouTube.

Startups need to focus on the type of marketing they want to leverage and then develop and implement those strategies. The need of the hour is the creation of an all-inclusive marketing plan to help small businesses grow and expand. Entrepreneurial marketing is about receiving valuable inputs from production, personnel, and finance, every aspect of a firm.


Remember these key aspects of entrepreneurial marketing if you have a small business. Implement the right steps, build the right entrepreneurial marketing plans and strategies to succeed.

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