Elaborate Explanation Between Bitcoin and Gold


Most of the investors are comparing bitcoin and gold. The market participants have benefited from both of these investment assets. Both of these have considered as speculative as well as a safe-haven investment asset at different times.

Well, these two have compared by analysts, and they found many differences between gold and bitcoin. The difference between the two assets ranges from their amount of holdings to many things. The first difference between the two investment assets: gold is a tangible asset, whereas bitcoin is not.

If you want to invest in any of these two or both of them, understanding the difference and similarities can help you in trading. In this article, you will find the ethical perspectives of the two types of assets.

Gold as an Investment Asset

Over 2000 years, gold has been considered as a means of value exchange. We can use gold when the precious metal is mined from the mines.

For a general-purpose, gold is used as ornaments and jewelry. Many people buy physical gold and store it to sell when the value increases. Well, storing physical gold is not a safe option. Investors invest in gold through bonds, exchange funds, and the future amount of gold through a trading exchange platform.

Moreover, gold is considered to be a safe-haven asset many times. That means it has helped many investors to keep their value in terms of gold because the government can devalue money.

Bitcoin as an Investment Asset

Bitcoin is a virtual currency and a new concept. It is also mined like gold, but the critical difference is the mining is done digitally. That means there are no real mines like gold mines, here the bitcoin miners solve a complex computational problem, which is considered bitcoin mining. When they solve a problem, which is generally verification of transactions, new bitcoins are generated.

Usually, it takes around 10 minutes to my new bitcoins. However, it depends on the miners how fast it can be mined. The main intention behind bitcoin is to bring a more liberating financial system to the world. So that people can make transactions in bitcoin without the need for a central authority. Well, it has become one of the best investment assets.

Significant Difference Between Bitcoin and Gold

In terms of Tangibility: First, one of the key differences between bitcoin and gold is that gold is tangible that is a precious metal, whereas bitcoin is not tangible and completely digital.

In terms of Supply: Second, the supply of bitcoin is fixed, whereas nobody knows the total amount of gold that is present on the earth. The overall supply of bitcoin is 21 million units, from which only 16.6 million bitcoins were mined till now. So it is effortless to know how many bitcoins are left to be mined online. On the other hand, it is tough to find gold from the surface of the planet. Gold also exists under seawater, so it isn't easy to find.

In terms of Holdings: As gold was used over 2000 years, whereas bitcoin was only over ten years, the holdings of gold are far more significant than the holdings of bitcoin. People trust gold more than in bitcoin.

In terms of Asset Class: Finally, gold comes under the commodity asset class. But bitcoin is not considered in any traditional asset classes; it has its asset class. Many experts believe bitcoin as a digital asset. So there is no correlation between these two assets in terms of an asset class.

Similarities Between Gold and Bitcoin

In terms of Investment: Both of these are considered as safe-haven assets. But gold is regarded as a safe-haven asset for a long time; bitcoin has recently become a safe boat during the financial crisis. Take help like the software weed profit for more information on bitcoin investments.

Second, both of these are also considered as a speculative investment asset.


All of the above information tells us that both of the assets are similar in some way and also different in some way. Gold is a physical asset and comes under commodity, whereas bitcoin is a digital asset and has no physical existence. Now, what's your take on this, please share in the comments below.