Elaborative Guide to Balloons


When it is about special occasions like weddings parties and other fun events, you cannot miss out on the glamour presented by balloons. If the image of painful jaws comes to your mind when you think about these bouncy balls, we are here to change your impression.

These bouncy objects are available in so many different styles, types, and designs, gas balloon being one of them. We will take you through the standard options to help you understand the different options. Consider them when you throw a party the next time.


Let’s begin with the lower quality options and move to the ones of higher quality. The latex ones are probably the most standard ones that you will find in any decoration store. As they are mostly filled with air, you cannot expect them to float in the air. Many times people use plastic cups or stick to make them stay upright. They are cheap and go well with a small budget party. If you plan on throwing a house party, you can go with these balloons. You must not fill them with helium because the skin isn’t designed to make the balloon last long. Therefore, it could stay for about 8 to 10 hours.

The latex ones that hold helium are designed to keep the gas inside for long. They are made of premium quality latex that can stay afloat as well. If you want your bouncy balls to float and not stand on sticks, you can go for this option.

Some balloons in the market go through liquid treatment to ensure that the helium gas stays in for a long duration. It is a particular type and is known to cost more than the previous two categories. Such balloons will easily be able to stay afloat for at least a period of three weeks.

Towards the end of the spectrum, you have the foil options. They are not made of plastic and can be found in so many different designs. They are available in closed packs and require a helium tank to blow up. It has a shimmery appearance and is less likely to experience leakage. They can go up to one to four weeks at a stretch. However, if they are left in the hot sun, they will burst very quickly because the skin does not stretch like latex. Hence, if you plan on having an outdoor venue for your party, it is best to avoid having these options.


With these different types, there are also many accessories that help the balloons look fancy and in touch with the ground. The weights and curling ribbons are the most common accessories available in the market. The weights help in avoiding the bouncy balls from flying away. The ribbons give a very nice, aesthetic look.

If you are planning to organise a party, make sure you use these beautiful decorative items to add glamour to the venue. You will find them in your nearby stores as well as online stores.