Elephant Overnight Tours in Phuket


For a worthwhile adventure, why not enjoy an experience that not a lot of people have on their holidays to Phuket? Instead of hitting the bars and nightlife of Phuket every day that you’re there, spend an overnight tour in Phuket with elephants to learn more about they spend their life when the sun goes down on this tropical island.

As many elephant nature parks and sanctuaries around Thailand expand their visitation programs, one of the experiences they’re offering is to spend the night surrounded by elephants and to view their nocturnal habits and lifestyles.

Eating is a 24-hour Activity for Elephants

You’ll begin to find out some facts about elephants that not everyone is aware of, like elephant eating habits. Did you know that elephants sleep only occasionally throughout the night, then wake up to continue eating?

As you learn more about the elephants, you’ll become more appreciative of the simple logic behind life as an immense animal. And the adjustments that these intelligent animals have to make in their lives to ensure their survival.

Experience an Educational Playtime

One of the highlights for visitors enjoying an overnight tour in Phuket with elephants is that you get the opportunity to bathe and play with them. Taking a bath is always the highlight of an elephant's day. It cools them off in the tropical heat and allows them to play in the water and mud. 

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You'll learn that mud is used by elephants to protect them from the burning sun as well as ward off any insect bites. An elephant's skin is surprisingly sensitive. It reacts to irritants just like a human does. And mud provides a soothing balm on an elephant's skin.

Enjoy Camping Far Away from the Bright Lights

When you take an overnight tour in Phuket with the elephants, you’ll also be far away from the noise and lights of the city. You’ll have a tropical rainforest all around you, as well as the company of the elephants.

You’ll enjoy a delicious Thai dinner buffet and then help feed the elephants their dinner (although they’ll continue to eat through the night). Then, you’ll retire to your large, comfortable tent to relax and get a good night’s sleep before waking up in time to help feed the elephants breakfast and say your goodbyes to them.

Planning an Overnight Tour in Phuket with Elephants

Your hotel can book your overnight tour, or you can simply go onto the elephant nature park's website and do it yourself.

They’ll help you arrange transportation out to their location. Please be sure to pack swimwear and change of clothes along with insect repellent and sunscreen or hat. Wear comfortable walking shoes that you don’t mind getting wet as well. You can bring your camera, but it’s not necessary. Most elephant nature parks have an onsite photographer who stay busy getting vivid shots of all the visitors to the park.

They’ll email the shots they get of you interacting with the elephants. These will prove to your friends and family that you enjoyed a thoroughly unique experience on your holiday in Phuket.