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A wedding day is by far the most memorable and important event in your life. There are many things to consider when arranging your perfect day. Many brides become extremely tense and anxious when they feel that their day is not going according to their wishes. Poor organization and poor planning lead to a lousy wedding event. That is why we have compiled a list of must-haves that should be in a wedding event and will, in turn, help you better organize and manage your wedding event.

Here are a few things that must be taken into consideration for a wedding:

1.   The Ride

You can rent an awesome luxury car from a car dealer to really upgrade your status and pose as the King and Queen you really are. For example, you can do Formal car hire in Sydney, or you can add a little flavor to your wedding by posing as Cinderella and bringing a carriage and attach all the mighty horses to it. Maybe you can add a little flair to your love and bring a bicycle for two, which will speak all about the airy, loving atmosphere that the two of you have created. The important thing about this whole operation is that you add a taste of your own style and joy to it. The moment should be memorable as it comes once in a lifetime for most of us.

2.   The Dress

A Queen is not a queen without her crown, similarly, a bride doesn’t look like a bride without her dress. You can elevate your style by obtaining huge discounts from websites such as Vow to be chic. Whether you rent it or get it custom-made, the dress should reflect the style and persona that you exude.

3.   The Tux

A fashionable man can stylize the whole party. You can rent a classy suit for the groom which will save you a lot of money because style cannot be compromised, even for a day.

4.   The Food

Imagine that, after all your efforts of managing the visually aesthetic and appealing designs for your wedding, you take a bite of the spoiled food. Sounds like hell, right? You can check out the list of foods that you shouldn’t plan for your wedding to avoid any troubles and headaches of bad food. The food is one of the most important parts of any wedding. It should be ample enough to serve the guests generously.Don’t go for exotic and unknown flavors to avoid any mishap. Keep a traditional yet classy menu that everyone will love. You also have the choice of going for a table dinner or a full-on buffet party. It's important to check the reviews of the catering company to ensure that the food served at your wedding event is of top-notch quality and taste.

5.   The Desserts

It is so important to add Desserts after the heavy meal of the wedding. Think beyond cake. Think about popsicles and tarts or maybe Ice-cream.  Desserts are an integral part of the wedding dinner and mustn’t be overlooked as it can resume the sugary taste of joy after the deep nose-dive in the hurricane of spicy foods.

6.   The Furniture

It is the most highlighted part of the whole event. The furniture will emanate the vibe that you want to create for your whole wedding. You need to go for the right colors and designs depending upon the location of the party. The chairs, tables, cushions and sofas, all need to be in accordance with the vibe and the atmosphere.

7.   The Decorations

The decorations are a huge part of your dream wedding and these small-touches can create a tremendous impact and finishing touch on your wedding design. A checklist should be created, such as this Ultimate wedding décor list, so that these tiny but impactful things do not go amiss. You can also take services from some professional wedding decorators that will really polish up the overall design of the wedding, though some people like to prepare for the whole wedding themselves as the whole journey towards the final wedding day, itself creates so many memories.

8.   The Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is the focal point of the wedding. It draws attention and is a ceremonious moment that lasts in the minds of guests for a long time. It is important to choose the right baker, the right time and the right flavors for the cake. More importantly, don’t go with exotic flavors that you and guests might end up not liking it. Go with a simple vanilla, chocolate or strawberry in this case.

9.   The Photos

What is a wedding if you can’t really show it to anyone after a long time? Besides, it’s a once in a lifetime event. You should be able to relive those moments, long after they are over. A professional photographer may be hired for their services or maybe you can decide to handout the camera turn by turn to every member of the family as professionalism can't really emulate those goofy moments that you want to cherish long after.

10.       The Activities

You can hype up the atmosphere by adding activities for the kids as it will create a huge wave of joy and laughter. You can also morph into a tiny kid yourself for a day and forget about the burdens of your life for a single day because no one can stop you from being you on your day! Some games that are common include Word Search, Treasure hunt, Props, and the wedding wheel. But do not bound yourself with these tight restrictions, open your mind and go for all the fun that you want to have on this day, but don’t forget to add a little bit of creativity to your portfolio. 

11.       The Music

Let’s be frank around here, the party really storms up as soon as the exciting music kicks in. Nothing is worse than a party with a DJ who has no sense of music. It can really ruin the taste of an overall joyful day. Whether you call out the whole band or just a DJ, keep Grandma June away from it all. This is 2020!


The wedding is the start of a permanent bond between two souls. These moments stay for a lifetime and it is important to cherish these moments with the utmost joy and pleasure. Find out what you long for in the deepest corners of your heart and share it with your family as this moment is not going to come again. Therefore it’s a must to properly plan your wedding event so that you can have peace of mind on your wedding day.

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