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Eleven Ways To Great Teamwork Within Your Company

For a company to be successful, the employees must work together as a cohesive unit. This can be a challenge with a staff of different personalities. However, if you provide a teamwork mentality within your business, they will collaborate with each other and strive to do their best. Here are a few tips to lead them to be a team.

Lead By Example

Your staff will adapt the way they behave within your company by observing those that lead. If you want them to work as a team, you must have a teamwork mentality with your peers and your employees. This includes setting the rules that govern your office, such as limiting device usage, especially while you are meeting together. These instructions should be fluid and simple to change if necessary, but they must be followed by everyone, including you. You can invite your staff to offer their opinions on what regulations should be added before you set a final list. Communicate what you come up with to the rest of the company in a casual, informal manner like a round table meeting versus sending it out to them in written form or an email.

Show Your Appreciation

When your staff goes the extra mile, such as finances the most va loan, find ways to express your thankfulness for their work. You can cater lunch in for them or bring in treats to share. Set up a contest to gauge who hits the goals you have set for them and reward them with small prizes of gift certificates. Schedule in-house events to honor outstanding work and announce those who have performed higher than expected. Recognizing these individuals gives them pride for what they have accomplished while setting an example for the rest of the staff. It might give another employee the motivation to work harder so they can be recognized also. If you have the ability, awarding extra money or days off can also motivate your staff to work as a team.

Embrace Difference

Your company is made up of multiple distinct personalities, and some of those characteristics clash with others. While they might be different, each member of your team has a strength they can offer to your projects, whether it is a creative outlook or a practical one. Take everyone’s viewpoint into consideration and identify each person‘s strengths. Allow for minor debates when you are discussing upcoming or current assignments but intercede and redirect the conversation if the talk becomes heated or falls off focus. Foster a community of understanding among everyone. Ask for all ideas and restrain from siding with one staff member’s opinion over another’s. Remind all that they are part of a team and encourage them to see the best in each other. Help to make them all feel included.

Keep Communication Open

To keep your team working together efficiently, you need to stress the importance of communicating with each other. Find a way you can talk among each other quickly, like a messenger app on the computer or by email. However, ensure that every member of your staff is comfortable using it. If someone has trouble with it, they will feel excluded from the conversation. Determine what are acceptable practices to indicate an employee’s need for privacy, like when they need to get work done and when that method should be used. Listen to what your staff has to say and act appropriately on these concerns. Set up moments for team members to work together on a project or urge them to take the initiative to talk things over as a group on their own.

Team Building

It can be difficult for your employees to see themselves as a team. Give them the opportunity to work as a group on something outside of their assignments. Consider options that will strive towards remedying issues you might currently have. There are several companies who specialize in team building activities, either at their location or yours. You might consider booking a session at an escape room or trying a sport together. You can also plan something within your office, like a small game. Whatever you choose it should give your staff the challenge to solve the puzzle or work together as a team towards the final goal. This will give them the chance to bond, then translate this into the workplace. Plan these activities frequently for a little extra fun.

Explain the Why

Instead of allowing your employees to work with little direction or explanation, discuss with them why they are accomplishing the task. This allows them to feel like they have a mission and a goal to reach for instead of a job to complete. They associate with being part of this team and strive to be a vital member of it. Give them background on the client and their needs. Urge them to do research on who you are serving and the product you are concentrating on. Encourage them to give their feedback on what they are assigned to do and make them feel like they are part of the why that you explained to them earlier.

Reorganize Your Space

Take a look at your office and analyze whether it works for a team atmosphere or if you need to move things around. Designate a spot or two among the desks for a quick collaboration between your staff members. Set aside a couple conference rooms for large group team meetings. Redesign your work area to make it an open floor space if your staff can complete their tasks with little disruption from others. Talk with your employees and let them know where these places are then set up a system for them to alternate using them. Make sure that they feel welcome to utilize the space whenever it is open and available. With your office situated to be friendly to working together, your staff should be more willing to team up on projects.

Find Time Outside Of the Office To Be a Team

Teamwork can go beyond the company walls. Suggest a time and date to go out for dinner or meet up for coffee. Host your staff at your home for a cookout or a night of board games. If several of you like to play softball or bowl, organize a team and join a league in your community. If you can have your business sponsor it, you can market your corporation’s name as well as have fun as a group. Invite the families of your employees and members who have opted out of playing to come and cheer for you. When you encourage friendships outside of the workday, it is easier for your staff members to collaborate together when they are on the clock. They will feel comfortable with each other and be willing to team up together on a task.

Utilize Strengths

Determine what each of your employees are best at and make note of it. Knowing what they are capable of can allow you to assign the part of an assignment they will be best at completing instead of something they will struggle with. Encourage them to use their strengths especially when they are unsure of their own abilities. Dissuade others from pointing out weaknesses in their co-workers and urge everyone to cheer on what others can do. When your staff supports everyone else on the team and recognizes their strengths, your employees will be more comfortable to collaborate with the rest of the department.

Make Final Decisions Together As One

When your staff works on their joint projects, make sure that they make decisions together as a team. If you appoint someone to take the lead, enforce that they take the consensus into consideration and refrain from acting on their own. Make sure each member of the group inputs their opinion and talent and that the entire group is involved. This should also apply to your interaction as a team. Get feedback from your employees when there are things to be determined that have little to do with the operations of your company. This would include items such as a new type of coffee, or a place to get lunch. Collaborating and making decisions as a group will build your team stronger.

Be Thankful For What They Do


When employees feel appreciated, they will give more of themselves in their jobs. Tell them thanks for their effort and jobs well done. Express how grateful that you are for their work on your team. Bring in doughnuts or cookies often to let your staff see how valuable they are to you. Encourage them to tell each other thank you whenever someone helps them. This form of communication can bring your team closer to each other. Making your employees feel included can lead to the continued success of your company. Teaching them the methods of teamwork, including leading by example yourself, can assist them in working together as a well oiled machine. Even with the different opinions and abilities among your staff, you can utilize the talents of each member to present your best work and impress your clients.

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