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Eliminating Infestation: Preventing Dry Rot Damage to Roof.

Every homeowner must prepare their mind towards doing all they can in preventing dry rot damage to the roof.

This fungal infestation is a dangerous and constant threat to the wooden features in any building. If allowed to spread without control, it usually results in a whole lot of damage that would also cost you a whole lot of money to repair.

In this article, I will provide you with the necessary information for preventing dry wood infestation to your roof.

  • Ensure your home is well ventilated: Buildings with poor airflow are very likely to experience dry rot infestation. In a building with poor ventilation, any damp on the wood would not quickly dry and may eventually cause the roof to rot. In this case, you must pay careful attention to the ventilation in your attic. Psst: See here for the complete metal roof pros and cons.
  • Regularly inspect your roof for signs of damages or leakages: A leaking roof provides access for moisture to enter the roof, providing the condition needed for dry rot to thrive. This is why you should contact professional roofers for scheduled inspections of your roof at specific intervals. This is a sure way to prevent dry rot in your roof.
  • The application of fungicide to eliminate small growths of dry rot: If you notice the signs of dry rot on your roof. Apply fungicides to stop its spread, since they are fungi, the right dose of fungicide will help prevent further damage. However, this strategy may not work if the dry rot is not in its early stage.
  • Ensure your home is properly insulated: insulation, when properly done in any home, helps to keep dry rot at bay. What insulation basically does to the house is to preserve heat within the house. You must pay particular attention to your attic floors.
  • Treat the wooden structures in your roof with preservatives: Preventing dry rot infestation in your roof can also be achieved by treating the woods to be used in the roof with preservatives. This way, the roof can be protected for as long as the preservatives remain active. Consult your roofers on the type of preservatives to use.
  • Clean out your roof gutters on a regular basis: If the gutters are clogged and unable to pass water away from your roof. Such waters may find their way into the roof and then, this may lead to dry rot infestation.
  • Endeavor to keep humidity low in the attic: High humidity provides a favorable condition for dry rot to thrive in the roof of your building. Endeavor to limit the amount of warm air reach the attic and keep it well ventilated.
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