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Email Marketing for Startups-7 Facts You Must Know

Email marketing is still a very powerful method of business growth. However, taking full advantage of email marketing requires more than a casual understanding of the intrigues that come with it, especially for startups.

An important approach to email marketing is understanding your market. This will help you craft a message for the right audience. Email marketing has retained its strength over the years, even as several other marketing methods continue to pose high competition.

Startups can benefit substantially from email marketing. Here are some essential things that startups should know to take full advantage of email marketing. 

Target the right Audience: Filter Your Email List

One of the first tasks that you will undertake is to create an email list. But this process needs to be approached creatively. Personalizing your emailing list is the best way of ensuring that they get opened, read, and get a response. As you create your emailing list, choose your target audience carefully. If you already have an existing list of clients, it would be an excellent point to start.

At the same time, personalize your messages as much as possible. Addressing your audience by name is a good way to start off. Familiarity helps to break the ice and make it easier for personal connections and growth to thrive.

Captivating Subject Line

The subject line of your email is enough for your audience to decide whether they will read the entire email or not. Think of it like a newspaper headline. If they want it to sell, they will make it so captivating that any ready will pay attention. You can use HTML email templates to help you come up with creative ideas.

You must bear in mind that your audience most likely receives a lot of emails each day. Your subject line should be so compelling that they must be persuaded to click it open. A good way of crafting catchy subject lines is making them sound urgent, sweet, and easy to understand. Let your subject line also capture the most important aspect of the email. In a way, it should be a summary of what to be expected.


How often do you plan to send out emails to your audience?

Think long term and cut out an emailing schedule that will work for you and your audience. Whether weekly, fortnightly or even monthly consistency ensures that you deliver your message within some plan. This is a matter of reliability so that your audience can wait for these messages without feeling let down. The good thing with taking some time and scheduling appropriately is that you have time to research and prepare content that is well suited. 

Content: Ensure You Give value 

This is yet another crucial part of your email as a startup. What you give your audience in your emails determines whether they finally turn into reliable clients. The phrase “Content is King” is still relevant in your email campaigns.

Each time you send out emails, choose a subject that will evoke emotions and persuade a reader to carry on. Whatever industry you operate in, there are always timeless subjects that cause concern among people. For instance, people are still concerned about making bad investment choices or mismanaging funds. If your emails seem to provide a solution or a better approach to such a problem, then you have a higher chance of success.

While crafting your content, make it easy to read and understand. Segment your email in paragraphs, highlights and even bulletins to give it an easy flow.

Make it phone friendly.

In the current market, people expect that as a startup, you are trendy and able to take up technology faster than older entities.

As you formulate your emailing strategy, ensure that you choose an email design that is easily accessible on the phone. You realize that smartphones have become the first part of interaction for people and the internet. Ensure that your emails can open fast on mobile devices. With tools such as designmodo email templates, this should be easy to achieve.

It is estimated that up to 62% of online visitors today access the internet first on their mobile devices before heading to their desktop computers. This is a huge audience mass that can determine the success of your email marketing strategy. Take advantage of it.

Use Feedback Appropriately

Whether you are an old organization or one that is just starting out, client feedback forms an essential part of the interaction. It is from your clientele that you are able to determine the next phase of your business. They will tell you what they want and what needs to be improved. Use this feedback to make your emails better each time. This is more or less a listening phase and acknowledging that you care about what they say.

Feedback should create an avenue of more interaction between you and your audience. You can make it a forum to respond to individual concerns and cultivate a personal relationship with the other party. On the other hand, feedback helps you to gauge your performance at almost no cost. Choose a good tool with email templates to help you manage feedback.

Call To Action(CTA)

Any time you send out emails, ask your audience to take some action. This could be calling, writing back, heading to the website, purchasing or even subscribing. 

CTA helps readers to know what direction to take next. Without this, your effort will end once they read the email. CTA is a guideline as to what they need to do. It also gives them confidence that they are building a relationship with you by taking the action you ask of them.


Social media platforms have become an instrumental part of growing an audience and growing brands. Even though they have disrupted the marketing arena to a good extent, traditional email marketing is still one of the most trusted ways of business communication. Take advantage of this fact and use your email to grow a list of trusted clients.

Email marketing further offers you an opportunity to engage in lengthy and detailed explanations about products. Furthermore, unlike social media marketing, emails have a higher conversion rate since you can attract only interest and serious clients. 

Sagar Mandan
Sagar Mandan
Sagar Mandan is HR and Content Editor at Techssocial. He has written and share many good and informative articles on various websites and niche like technology, web design, graphic design, marketing, business, social media, search engine optimization, etc. He loves to share knowledge and experience with his friends and colleagues.
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