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Embroidery adds glory to the tallits

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A talitin Modern Hebrew is a fringed garment, traditionally worn as a prayer shawl by religious Jews.  Tzitzitare the fringes attached to its four corners which are specially knotted and twined. Beged is the cloth part. It is usually made out of cotton, wool, silk although is also used in a few garments.

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The term Talit either refers to the TalitKatan or TalitGadol. They are Jewish prayer shawl worn during the morning prayers over the clothes. They are also worn during all other prayers. Even within Orthodox Judaism, different traditions are followed for different ages in different communities. In some communities, it is worn from pre-school age. In some other communities, it is also worn by the groom during the wedding ceremony. 

The Bible presumes people to wear a special type of garment during prayer to cover themselves and children of Israel are instructed to make fringes to the four corners of the cloth while repeating the commandments, However, it is not specified to the particular number of chords on the corners. The customs followed during the tying of the knots are of Rabbinic origin. In different communities, different types of traditions have developed, but Tzitzit is specified by The Bible. 

Teachers often gift Talit to the students or a father – in-law gift a Talit to his son-in-law, They are also bought as Wedding bars. Some women are also allowed to wear a Talitgadol in some non-conservative families. Most synagogues usually have their own rack of Talit for the use of visitors and guests, but most people like to carry their own.

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Traditional Tallit is made of wool or linen based on the Bible connections, we find beautiful embroidered works on them. Orthodox families prefer using wool though other materials are also used. Blue threads are preferred for the embroidery works on Talit. Sometimes the neckband is woven by gold or silver threads, known as atarah, sometimes referred to as collar. They are also carried in velvet bags.

The traditional Talit Gadols are in white and black stripes also with the blue and white variety. Few communities are orthodox to have it in white and blue threads. They think back stripes can bring destruction of the temple in Jerusalem. All men and women are supposed to wear Talit in the Synagogue in some communities and others wear it only after the wedding. If you are looking for embroidered tallit cover and fringes you will get them in KVJ.


In non-orthodox families women are allowed to wear a Talit. In 1970 this custom was banned for women. However married women can wear blue-white Talit. These Talits are presented to them by their Father or the priest of the Synagogue. Fringes in the garment carry special instructions and commandments of The Bible for the women. Please look for these embroidered blue white Talit in KVJ.

for the women. Please look for these embroidered blue white Talit in KVJ.

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