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   Emerging Trends To Shape Salesforce In Years Ahead

People these days, have a unique vantage point over Salesforce that offers us a well-informed view into its future of sales. So, several CRM development companies are working hard on their way to arrive with more happening to their customers. GetAProgrammer is one such CRM development firm, where Salesforce consultant in Sydney is working closely with the customers, the sales organisations, conducting primary research across industries, etc, to fuel business growth.

The experts did a thorough research over the current and future state of Salesforce to come up with some key trends of Salesforce. These trends will serve as the convincing reasons why it is the best CRM software in the market.

  • Current trends and sustained growth

According to the statistical record, the overall value of the Global CRM Software Market was about $20.4 billion by the end of 2013. But this statistics has been expected to grow more by 13.7 % every year, making the Global CRM Software market a billion dollar space.

Out of the total market share of Global CRM Software, Salesforce is now ranking at the top contributing 16% of the share. As a result, this is making the CRM software and Salesforce inseparable.

  • Vision and execution  

With an ultimate long-term vision and its high potential to execute, Salesforce CRM Software boasts the highest position in the software market of CRM. The ability to execute this futuristic vision on ground has helped Salesforce to reach the top.

In 2014, Salesforce was once again entitled to be the leading CRM software in the world market. This platform has maintained this position for about 4 years in a row. So, Salesforce has emerged to the first preference in terms of CRM development when compared to other CRM software development framework.

  • Strategic Acquisitions

Salesforce has a strategically smart acquisition policy to boost capabilities. Being a part of the long-term vision, Salesforce was quite successful in numerous strategic acquisitions in the past years. These acquisitions have further helped this CRM software development platform to build highly broadened marketing ecosystem known as the Marketing Cloud.

The latest strategic acquisition has been that of RelateIQ for $390 million. And this has helped to replace the manual data entry by automated tracking of relationships in the CRM space. So, this feature is certainly expected to be a critical value addition offering in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

  • Highly diversified offerings

Salesforce has helped to revamp the SaaS approach in the enterprise levels. Furthermore, its efficiency in providing on-demand software helps the customers with a pocket-friendly service cost. This is because Salesforce offers a common hardware, software, and networking platform.

Clients can now boost up sales and enhance communication via diverse SaaS offerings. For instance, Salesforce namely Salesforce Chatter, Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud applications.

The future for Salesforce CRM Software

After viewing different Salesforce reviews on the web, it is clear that though an expensive platform, it has the best user-friendly interface compared to other CRM software, such as Siebel, SugarCRM.

Salesforce is on the brink of providing an array of diverse cloud apps and services to meet the unquenchable demand for cloud computing. So, Salesforce CRM  software is all set to further grow its customer base in the software market in the years ahead.


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