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Emotiv Insight Set to Help You Focus and Relax

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The human brain controls our thoughts, memory, movement and a huge range of other critical functions. It is also our most advanced and complicated organ. Unfortunately, we do not always make the most of this powerful tool. As a result, many of us experience work burnout, with a recent survey in the UK indicating that 22 percent of adults suffer from this condition. Another study has found that 67 percent of adults in the UK experience disrupted sleep and 31 percent suffer from insomnia, both conditions which are often related to work stress.

Emotiv Insight Can Help

Emotiv Insight is a device designed to help us make the most out of our brains. In fact, the headset can help us deal with the stresses of our fast-paced modern life and become more productive in our professional life. The sleek-looking device works by monitoring the brain waves and translating them into useful information that can help us get to know our brains. This information, in turn, can help us work out when we are at our most productive, and utilize these times to get the most out of our days. Alternatively, it can also be used to determine when we are at our least productive, letting us use this time to relax. 

The Six Metrics 

Emotiv Insight can also help us learn about how our brains respond to a variety of different activities, and track this information over time. More specifically, the device measures six metrics. 

  • Interest: Do you like or dislike an activity.
  • Excitement: How mentally aroused are you by an activity.
  • Engagement: How focused are you on an activity. 
  • Focus: Are you able to concentrate on the task at hand.
  • Stress: How comfortable are you with an activity.
  • Relaxation: How at ease are you with an activity.

Making the Most Out of Our Brains 

There are many different ways that we can boost our brain power, explains Ester Robinson, the spokesperson from Supplement Nation. “New technology has opened the way for fresh methods to improve our daily performance. Emotiv Insight is one such technology. The device is a five-channel headwear and app that is compatible with both Android and iOS. It works by measuring the impulses emitted when neurons in our brains interact to help us improve our focus and engagement, while reducing stress levels.” 

Emotiv Insight is equipped with five electroencephalography, or EEG, sensors and two reference sensors. These obtain data from the following areas: the occipital lobe (visual), the frontal cortex (executive functions) and the parieto-temporal cortex (auditory, spatial/co-ordination). Plus, the headset’s polymer biosensor system ensures conductivity without the need for gels.

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