Employee Benefits: Retaining Talent for a Sustainable Company


Effective HR management is integral for companies looking to retain and motivate their employees. There are various components that comprise employee retention, as merely compensation for their services isn’t adequate enough. Each employee of a company, contributes their time, their value, and their intellectual input for the progression and overall profitability of a company. Owing to this reason, it only makes sense for employees to seek benefits and rewards for the services they provide to a company.

Employee engagement and employee experience are both factors that are essential for successfully retaining an employee for a sustained period of time. A generous paycheck and a company’s name on their CV is an excellent motivator for most employees; however, certain employees seek a bit more. This is precisely where effective HR management plays out, as only through cultivating an appropriate environment and by pushing employees to work towards a higher goal, a company nurtures a place for employees to grow and learn.

Sustainability can easily be woven into the corporate culture if the company aims to recruit and retain the best possible talent. As a consequence, ethical governance and community involvement take center stage when looking to build a sustainable company. Having said that, most businesses strangle the profitability and sustainability of their business by excluding benefits altogether from their offerings, as they consider it to be a big blow to their bottom line.

The Inclusion of Employee Benefits

With the intention of seeking long-term prosperity, it is imperative for businesses to include employee benefits in their package. This enables the employee to see the value, the effort, and the investment the company makes in their employees, as merely paying compensation doesn’t showcase complete involvement of the company.

  • Workers Compensation

Each business should create an environment where an employee feels safe and secure enough to work. However, accidents can always occur, and therefore having a workers’ compensation policy in place is essential for safeguarding not just the employee, but also the business. Through a worker’s compensation, companies can easily protect their interests, as it is basically the provision of wage replacement and medical benefits in the event of an accident.

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According to this policy, no matter the circumstances, the benefits are provided to the employee. Nevertheless, most companies are unfamiliar with dealing with a policy such as workers' compensation, because of which, including the assistance of workers compensation services, is a suitable decision to make.

By partnering with the best workers compensation services, companies can understand how to make their employees feel valued and set their own niche, as certain companies don’t go to the lengths of drawing up a worker's compensation policy.

  • Medical Insurance Coverage

Providing medical insurance is an excellent way for companies to show their concern for their employee’s health, and in some cases, their employee’s family’s health. Typically, medical insurance covers surgeon and physician fees and is inclusive of prescription drugs and the cost of the hospital charges. It is also possible for companies to offer optical and dental care; however, this decision rests solely upon them.

  • Meal & Cafeteria Packages

Through offering free meals or cafeteria packages, companies actively take interest in the physical and mental well-being of their employees. This, therefore, pushes the employee to feel prized, as their needs are taken care of, and their well-being is considered.

  • Retirement Plans

A prospect of receiving a pension after their retirement motivates a significant amount of people. There are two categories of retirement plans that an employer can choose from, such as a defined pension plan, which is when benefits are predefined based on the years served, and the income of the employee. In this sort of plan, the employee bears the risk of the investment; however, in a defined contribution plan, the contribution of the employee and employer is preset, but the return on the investment isn’t guaranteed.

Having a retirement plan in place retains employees, as they can visualize a sustainable future with the company.

  • Fitness Plans or Access

Due to excessive screen time and crippling workload, most individuals aren’t able to lead a healthy life. In order to reduce this discrepancy between work-life balance, companies can offer their employees gym memberships or can build a space for their employees to exercise, in order to maintain their physical and mental health.

Financial barriers tend to discourage employees from taking an interest in their health, both mental and physical. Employees are nonetheless more than likely to participate in activities if the cost is taken care of by their employers. This also builds a sense of value in an employee’s mind, as they begin to understand the amount of effort and resources an employer is willing to invest in their well-being

  • Appropriate Environment

In this day and age, it has become a common phenomenon for tech companies to recruit and retain employees based purely on the sort of environment they create. For certain employees, having beans bags, the best gadgets, or even unlimited tea or coffee on the house can push them to feel comfortable and at ease. It surely is an uphill battle for smaller companies to carve out their position, due to limitation of resources; however, setting the right blocks into place can pave the pathway to sustained growth for them.

  • Life Insurance

Reinforcing their commitment to their employee’s interest, companies also offer life insurance. The concept of life insurance essentially requires an employer to provide funeral costs and other ongoing living expenses to the family or beneficiaries, in the event of their employee passing away.

Certain companies are unfamiliar with the process of setting up a life insurance policy for their employees. In such a case, they can avail the help of a service, such as one of the best workers compensation services in the USA, as they understand the process of setting up a favorable life insurance policy. It is understandable for an in-house HR to grapple with the intricacies of handling life-insurance and other employee benefits policies, owing to which it’s a suitable option to delegate this task to specialized individuals.