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Engine Oils Suited Best for Your Cars in India

Taking care of your engines is the most essential thing if you want to use the car in a way that you like. When it comes to convenience, you can’t get it only by taking care of the external components. The smooth functioning of the engine is highly dependent on the oil you are using. This is the main reason why you should be careful while choosing the engine oil for your car. This article is going to help you a lot in this matter as we will talk about the best engine oil companies in India. Let us start this discussion without further delay.

So what makes a good engine oil company?

Before you make your final decision, it is very necessary to know about the factors that differentiate a good brand from the bad one. In order to give you a proper idea about this situation, we will talk about some features that make an engine oil brand a good one. Let us have a look at those features. Look for the following properties in the engine oils before you choose one for your car.


It is a property that holds the molecules of a substance together. When the liquid has better resistance, it doesn’t escape quickly during the times when two surfaces of the engine come in contact with each other. This behavior is also affected when the temperature of the engine rises. In a situation like this so, you should consider the performance of oil at high temperatures. Visit the official website of those brands in order to know about these essential features.

Some of the best engine oils available in India

We have made this list based on our thorough study of the composition of different engine oils and the way they affect engines. We have also considered the Indian roads and the engines in order to give you the best suggestions. Have a look at this list and see which one suits you the best.

ROWE Motor Engine Oils

Well, this brand has a long history of making high-performance engine oils for racing engines. Then they came to the normal engine segment and they have managed to deliver products with a difference. Since this brand is available in India, you can’t get anything better than this. The expertise of this brand comes from its racing heritage. If you are looking for highly efficient engine oil, you should never skip this one. You can visit the official website of Euroliquids for more information.


If we make you think about engine oils, you are more likely to think of this brand in the first place and there are reasons behind that. Castrol is a company manufacturing almost every form of lubricant that is needed by different machines of the world. Whether it be motor engines or any other, Castrol has a special lubricant for that. But when it comes to car engines, Castrol is just amazing. You can always rely on the highly engineered fluids from Castrol in order to keep your engine running smoothly.


Servo is a brand of the oil giant Indian Oil. Indian Oil is a leader when it comes to lubricants and other engine oils in this country. Their expertise and dedication towards keeping your engine safe have made them stand far above the others. Servo is the biggest player in this game with the largest customer base. Apart from all these features, Servo makes one of the best engine oils suited for the majority of Indian vehicles.


Shell is a big name when it comes to the biggest engine oil manufacturers in the world. Apart from being so popular worldwide, it is one of the major players in the Indian market when it comes to delivering the finest lubricants. It offers some of the best formulations for your car engine in India.

Final words


We hope this article helped you with the best names in this field in order to make you familiar with the best brands here. You can choose from any of these lubricant oil manufacturing companies in India based on your requirements.

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