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Enjoy Diving In the Heart Of England

 The city of London is still one of the most visited places on the planet, but what about some cities that were the cornerstones in counties development during the Industrial era that started here and spread throughout the world? One of these places is Burton upon Trent, also known as Burton-on-Trent or simply Burton. A charming place in the heart of England that replaced its industrial fame with a wish to bring more and more tourists each year. One of the most fascinating attractions that you can enjoy here is diving in places unprecedented elsewhere for an experience that you will never forget. Diving enthusiasts, prepare your gear!


Test Your Diving Skills At The Most Unexpected Place


Breathtaking castles, Victorian style architecture, and Christmas parties in Burton are just some of the things we use to hear about this place until now. But the glory of diving experience in the Midlands has spread through many different diving communities who swear that everyone on its way through English country has to come and pay a visit for an unforgettable adventure. It probably came as a surprise to you that there are actually some very good dive sites in central England. The Midlands is a very large area but today we will highlight the best three dive sites that you can check out in this area.


Stoney Cove - National Diving Center


Like most indoor dive sites, Stoney Cove is an old quarry that was opened in the early 19th century and is now a fantastic dive site, training center and testing ground for underwater technology and vehicles. The site is about 35 meters deep at the deepest point and includes aircraft wreckage, fish that swims in abundance, a bus and many other points of interest that you will just love to dive along.  


Quarry Dosthill - The UK's Oldest Underwater Dive Site


The Dosthill Quarry is a bit smaller and shallow than Stoney Cove, about 25 feet deep. There are also varying visibility levels due to a silky background that is easily disturbed. But for careful and well-controlled divers, this can be a fantastic spot for a diving fix while waiting for adventures in warmer waters.


The Rez - Dark, And Scary


The Rez is definitely a bit different, and instead of an open and light quarry or lake, this is an underwater reservoir. No more than ten feet deep, you do not have to worry about decompression or shortness of breath. On the other hand, without natural light, you will need to enjoy this dive site with a torch or (for the bravest) in the darkness of the field.


Diving in the UK is certainly not for the weak, and most dive sites require professional gear or maybe a 7mm diving suit in the summer at least. So, if you think what it takes to explore the depths of industrial England then be sure to check for all requirements and enjoy your stay at Burton upon Trent in the most unexpected way.


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