Enjoying the Art of Blowing Tea


Blooming Peach Tea is made from the blooming peach flower and is a perfect afternoon pick me up. The tea has a delectable taste and is perfect for after-dinner consumption. It has peach and floral fragrances that will tickle your tongue. This peach flower tea was first created over four hundred years ago in China. Although it is not the most popular tea, it is one of the most delectable and its unique taste is a delight for all who taste it. Organic herbal tea can benefit our health in many ways.

Blooming Peach Tea is hand tiered with jasmine and amaranth flowers and heavily spiced with white peach and blueberry essence. Each bag contains approx. 7 regular bulbs with the skin being intact. They are then placed into a special tippy plug that quickly explodes the flower providing a burst of sugary aromas and releasing the sugars making them soft and sweet. The blooming peach tea has a light floral fragrance.

The blooming peach, white peach tea is full of natural peach extracts and is made by infusing the peach flowers into the finely rolled tea leaves. The leaves are then dried to produce the blooming tea. It is known to have a strong aroma, delicate peach flavors, and an earthy taste. The blooming tea is also very easy to make as there is no special process involved.

When choosing which blooming tea to use you may want to go for the one with the most peach flowers. There are several types of blooming peach flower including Sunflower, Pink Beauty, Melon, Daisy and Hone. Although many tea drinkers prefer the Sunflower or Pink Beauty, there are others who prefer the other varieties such as Hone or Daisy. If you are a fan of sweet smelling tea then the Hone variety of peach flowers would be great for you.

If you are looking for something with a stronger aroma and flavor then you may want to try the Hone peach tea available on the Prime Cuppa store. In contrast to the Sunflower and Pink Beauty tea these blooming peach teas have a stronger aroma and a sweeter taste. It is best suited for cooking and baking. It is also great in sandwiches, as it cuts through the richness of the bread. If you love tea and bread then this is the type of tea for you.


The blooming peach tea is best consumed hot. You should never let it cool down near room temperature as the peach will wilt. This type of tea can also be used in any variety of dessert recipes such as pies, tarts or sorbets. You should not add sugar when brewing this type of tea as it can bring out the buttery quality of the peach fruit.

Blooming tea is a great antioxidant tea, with benefits that include boosting the metabolism, protecting the skin, preventing chronic diseases like cancer, lowering stress, improving oral and heart health, stimulating cognitive function, and reducing inflammation.

Common flowers in flowering teas include carnation, chrysanthemum, globe amaranth, hibiscus, jasmine, marigold, lily, osmanthus, and rose.

Flower tea can be reused! The tea ball can be re-brewed twice more within a period of 24 hours, so don't throw it away after a single brewing. The second and third brewings taste much more delicate, but are still worthy of enjoying.

 Preferred consumption: Daily intake should be limited to two to three cups. Butterfly Pea Tea aids weight loss. Steep butterfly pea flower in warm water for about three minutes and add a dash of lemon juice. The drink will turn purple because of the pH changes and is ready to be consumed.


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