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EQ Webmail MIS Webmail Managed Internet Service

We are proud to offer a variety of internet service solutions for everyone, from the occasional emailer to business professionals. If you are looking for a new or better way to manage your webmail, we can help! EQ Webmail is an affordable and easy way to make sure your online communications are top-notch. Our MIS webmail services ensure that your data is always secure and maintained. When you choose our managed internet services you won't need any software required on your computer as all of the management happens remotely.

You can easily add new domains to manage and domain you want for your email addresses and manage email aliases. Back up your email locally on your PC or Mac with the click of a button. Download a free trial today.

Get started today with new features including:

A web-based manager that manages multiple domains, supports email address aliases and best of all, no software required! 

EQ Webmail provides you with a variety of features that are not offered by other webmail services.


EQ Webmail is a powerful webmail service that you can use as an alternative to Microsoft Exchange mailboxes. EQ Webmail offers users POP3 or IMAP access to their email and contacts from any computer connected to the Internet, allowing for management from any location.

EQ Webmail also includes a variety of features that are not included by other mail services, including:

Additionally, your EQ Webmail account is completely customizable with the web based administration console (other services do not offer this feature). You can customize your email address and set your contact information for people who contact you. You can even enable or disable the receipt of messages from people in your contact lists; helping you control spam and phishing attacks.

EQ Webmail offers a variety of features for businesses. Visit for more info.

EQ Webmail currently offers four account plans:

Each plan provides you with access to all of the features and options listed above. EQ Webmail also has a variety of optional add-ons that enhance your account including Domain Manager, Domain Security, Backup, Forwarding and Reputation Management. Domain Manager allows you to add multiple domains to your account and customize them for better management. The Domain Security option allows you to protect against brute force attacks by setting a very high password complexity threshold (this is not supported by other services). Backup provides you with a variety of options for creating backups of your messages and contacts (including the option to create physical disk or tape backups for increased security). The Forwarding option allows you to manage multiple mailboxes and set up rules to forward the messages you receive to multiple locations. The reputation management add-on helps ensure that emails sent from your account are not flagged as spam because of any email addresses that are suspected of sending spam.


EQ Webmail is part of Equinix, a cloud computing services organization. EQ Webmail combines the expertise and resources of Equantix with over 15 years experience providing webmail solutions. Equantix has expertise in the areas of cloud-based internet hosting services, webmail, and business-critical applications.


EQ Webmail managed internet services are offered by Equantix, which is an accredited ISO 9001 certified company. EQ Webmail has been providing internet services to businesses since 1997 and has over 15 years of experience in the field. EQ Webmail is partnered with Black Diamond Networks, a provider of broadband connectivity solutions for small and mid-sized companies.


EQ Webmail also offers email hosting and domain registration services for your websites. You can check this info from Ideal Magazine.

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