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Escape rooms in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city in California famous for its cultural extravaganza. Nature has gifted it with a Mediterranean climate that is perfect for visitors. Even after centuries, LA has maintained its ethnic, cultural diversity along with the historical monuments.

This city is famous for its relation with the top Hollywood celebs. 45-feet Hollywood sign depicts its dedication towards the film industry, but that's not all. Los Angeles has provided all the game enthusiasts with an out of the world gaming experience. Want to know how? Well, continue reading further.

Los Angeles has countless escape room centers that deliver the most exhilarating gaming encounters to the thrill-seekers. The holistic environment and immersive gaming rooms of these mini-dungeons effortlessly provide the most pleasurable memory of your lifetime. Escape room games are perfect for any occasion or celebration with family and friends. So, if you are looking for an ideal getaway destination to engage all your senses, we have a list of the best escape rooms in LA. Hang tight and continue reading further!

1) The Basement

The basement is one of the best escape rooms in Los Angeles. This escape room center has successfully amalgamated all the essential elements that effortlessly render a heart-throbbing experience. The basement escape room offers four distinctively curated themes that are stacked up enigma at every turn! To level up the thrill of these escape rooms, they have connected all the storylines. Thus, players always tend to come back for more Adrenaline Rush. This escape room center has one of the unique elements that is the live actors. They extraordinarily perform their task and dwell you in the problems of their escape rooms.

2) Planet Escape Room  

Planet Escape Room is known as the most exhilarating gaming platform in the South Bay. This escape room center delivers three family-friendly escape games that can be enjoyed with your kids. If you are looking for an extraordinary gaming experience to celebrate a special event, look no more as the Planet Escape Room has got you all covered up. Their escape room games and striking lobby are perfect for any occasion like a birthday or bachelor party, proposals, fundraisers, and even team building activities. So, what are you waiting for? Bring all your loved ones and submerge yourself in the challenges of Planet Escape Room.

3) Level Games

This escape room is another family-friendly gaming platform that is loved by kids. They have creatively crafted three different themes for their escape rooms. Their interior has been facilitated with unique artifacts that catch the attention of visitors in no time. Moreover, these escape games are priced at quite budget-friendly rates. Therefore, you can enjoy their mesmerizing games freely. So,  what are you waiting for? Bring all your family along with your adorable kids and have the best time of your life in Level Escape Games.


Los Angeles is one of the most prominent vacation spots that lure tourists to enjoy its mesmerizing destinations. This city in California is home to countless escape room centers. As we all know, escape room centers are the perfect getaway options to channelize your energy into engaging games and puzzles as well as rejuvenated with your loved ones. Additionally, escape rooms are too pocket friendly, so you do not have to stress over the budget at all. 

This article covers some of the best escape room games that you should visit in Los Angeles. We trust that all your doubts and questions like, what is an escape room? How to play escape games? And so forth must have been answered by now. 

Escape room games will surely provide you with an exhilarating adventure to cherish for your lifetime. So, without wasting any more precious time, book your passes today!

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