Friday, September 29, 2023
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Essential Cat Supplies

Essential Cat Supplies

The age of the Internet has been a real boon for cats. Cat videos and cats on social media are taking over the world, garnering millions of followers and tens of millions of views and clicks.


And no doubt some of the people watching are considering getting a pet cat. But one does not simply own a cat. The cat very often ends up owning the humans! 


Nevertheless, there are some essential items you’ll need when you buy or adopt a cat. Let’s go over a few of them so your home is best set up to house these beloved furballs. 




Cats are carnivores, meaning they have to eat mainly meat for their diet. Yes, the common house cat is related to lions and tigers, so you see where they get their attitude from! In the wild, cats eat other creatures, like mice or insects. In your home, they get cat food. But very often, they will catch some wild animal in the home and feast on that. 


Cat food is not just canned or dried kibble. The modern cat enjoys luxuries like broths, soups, freeze dried raw foods, toppers, jerky, and chewy meat sticks, and so on. Some owners feed raw meat with their own mixture of species appropriate nutrients, like blood an organ meats. Be  aware of the vast selection of cat food and ensure your cat is never bored with their food. Keep giving it various options to choose like either raw cat food, or sometimes the cooked one. This way, your cat will never give you a hard time regarding food.


Litter Box


Every animal goes. In nature, cats dig a hole in the ground for this reason, and cover it up afterwards. Then they run away as fast as possible. This is because they want to cover up the scent, as it is a giveaway of their location to potential predators. 


So in your home, you need to recreate this environment with a good litter box and litter. Litter boxes are available in different forms. You have the typical open pan set up. Or you can go with a covered or hooded model, where there is a cover above the box. You’ve got top entry litter boxes, where kitty hops on top and drops down into a hole to do their business. Then there are hidden boxes and automatic litter boxes. 


Litter box variations exist to keep things tidy and keep litter in their box and not on your floors. Another thing it does is prevent odors in your living space.


Cat Litter 


You might think cat litter is simple. After all, in the wild, they use dirt. However, litter comes in probably more types than litter boxes. First thing to consider is the material. The most common litter is made from bentonite clay, which clumps when exposed to moisture. Then you’ve got  natural litter materials like wood, paper, walnut shells, coconut coir, pine, and so on. Each type has different properties and use cases. 


Then are the features: from heavy granule, non-tracking cat litter to baking soda-infused odor reduction cat litter. All the way to large pellet litter that’s basically dust-free. For every cat type, there is the right litter. And for a mad scientist cat, you have silica crystal litter - it dries out waste for quick and easy disposal. 


Basically, you want litter to handle any mess, and be easy to clean. Your cat's preferences dictate the material you buy. 




This is the first cat item you’ll encounter as you pick up or take home your new friend. Whether the cat comes from a breeder or another home, they will likely be in a carrier. After all, you need to transport them right?


With pet and cat carriers, the two main types are hard and soft. Hard carriers are made of plastic and metal, so they are bite and scratch proof. If an animal needs to travel by air in cargo, then a hard carrier is a must. If the cat is nervous or bad at travel, go with a hard carrier. It is easy to clean, resistant to damage, and offers security in the form of metal wire locks and grates. 


If your cat is chill (or sedated) and is okay with travel, a soft carrier is fine. This variation often offers more fashion appeal, and can look pretty cool. From a cat duffle bag, to a small luxury purse inspired look, a soft carrier is lighter, easier to carry, and some can even go into airplane cabins. 


Cat Tree


Cats are like you and I. We need our own space to chill and to sleep. With one exception, cats also like to up high. It gives them security and a wide view to check out all of what’s happening in their kingdom. Cats survey their land, like lions and tigers looking over the savannah and jungle. 


So you’d better get a cat tree for your cat. Get a sturdy one that won’t tip over when your cat jumps on it. Be sure the posts are wrapped in sisal or seagrass with a rough texture. That makes it satisfying to scratch, and will end up saving your home and your hands, 


Depending on the space available, look for a cat tree with multiple levels and a few hiding spots or an enclosed condo or two. It should have secure perches - not too small -  for lying in the sun or watching the silly dog.

Scratching Post


All cats will scratch, as mentioned above in the cat tree section. And even with a cat tree, they will find places to constantly sharpen their claws. So that’s why every cat owner needs scratching posts, in addition to a cat tree. 

Cats scratch because it rids them of old skin on their nails, plus it feels really good to stretch out! So as you cannot deny them of this activity, you’d best divert it to safer and approved areas. I recommend a few scratching posts, so kitty always has somewhere to go should the mood strike her. If you do not provide an outlet for this, you will be sorry and need new drapes and carpets soon!

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