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Essential Points to Remember for That Perfect Mirror Effect in Your Bedroom!

Do you know what the most enticing thing in your bedroom is apart from your bed? It is that glass mirror on the wall that reflects your persona so beautifully. You are so attracted to it that you automatically glance at it more often than not. So don’t you think your mirror should be as enchanting as you are so that whenever you glance at your reflection in it, the feeling and view both are captivating?

Add the Best and Beautiful Mirror to Your Bedroom After Considering These Pointers!

There are lots of furniture shops in Auckland like Luxe Living which have a plethora of options available for you to choose from. Their mirrors are of excellent quality, totally magnetic, and can be customised as per your preference as well. But do remember to keep in mind the below listed pointers so that you get the best mirror for your bedroom:

  • Know your shape well — If you check beyond the boundaries of the regular squares and circles and the rectangles, you’ll find dozens of shapes to choose from for your new mirrors. Let it be the focal point of your room with a classy shape that looks enticing.

  • Concentrate on the size too — Getting a large mirror adorned beautifully is certainly going to look mesmerising. Similarly, a minimalist concept going for a full-length frameless mirror could work for your Zen like décor. Decorative or minimalistic, size matters. Remember, your mirror should at least be more than your palm’s size and big enough to look presentable in your room. Choose one that would balance with the space available for putting it.

  • Keep in mind the wall where you are going to place it — Now when you go to buy a mirror, don’t just select any one randomly. Be alert and imagine the mirror you love on your wall. Will it fit there perfectly?

  • Pick enticing borders — So, you rely on the furniture store for the quality of the mirror. But where you should contribute is picking your choice of an attractive frame (unless you want to go frameless). It would really impact the beauty of your room a lot. Whether you want a frame that is like a sculpture or a canvas like structure balanced on a tripod – the choice is yours.

  • Go borderless — Well, we just talked about borders. But now we are saying that you can try and skip these! Yes, some mirrors that are plain and subtle look entirely classy without any borders as they naturally blend with your interior design and create a fantastic impact in the room.

  • Have more than one mirror in the room —There is no rule book specifying that you can have only a single mirror in a single room. You can be as creative as you like and create a design that has mirrors everywhere, on both sides of the room, or covering half of the room. Just remember, it should look inviting. Pro tip: Mirrors make smaller rooms appear larger and have the ability to play up light in the space.


So, what do you say? Didn’t we provide you with a complete guide to get and place the best mirror for your room’s beautification? Let’s see your take now!

Eada Hudes
Eada Hudes is an student whose experiences in life make her really tougher than anyone else. She can lend you expert tips on diverse topics ranging from relationship to fashion, making money, health and so on. Her write-ups are a window into her thoughts and knowledge.
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