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Essential Procedures to Be Followed When Launching Your Jewelry Store


Besides offering stunning and sparkling pearls jewelry, a jewelry store also offers services to assist customers to enjoy their purchase. Jewelers even evaluate fine jewelry, aid customers to develop rare designs and again mount jewels in brand new settings. Following reputable operations assists in lowering the risks associated with employee safety.

In wholesale, you are selling multiple pieces in a single order. To make this work, set minimum order in amount like $499 per piece or minimum order in terms of pieces like a dozen pieces or minimums for certain style. Make sure that minimum order setting is eye-caching and cohesive. Low minimum encourages suppliers to buy your pearl jewelry again and again.

Inventory Control

A well-organized inventory control system makes it possible for an owner of jewelry store to effectively manage several jewelry pieces and valuables effectively. Inventory program software acts as an interface with the point of sale and accounting systems of the store. PearlsOnly is one of the best destinations for all your pearl jewelry needs.

The features and sophistication of programs differ with price. It can include bar coding, digital product imaging, loose stone inventory abilities and pricing. A few inventory software applications even assist a jeweler to spending habits of his customers, book jewelry stock that fulfills those choices of customers and discontinues old and outdated styles that doesn’t sell.

Prevention of theft

Jewelry stores are susceptible to theft. So, it is very important to have proper jewelry theft prevention measures in place that will assist employees to monitor the actions of customers and also safeguard their store products.

One of the ways by which employees can prevent occurrence of theft is by greeting as well as recording the features of customer’s that make an entry into the store. It is advised to keep the jewelry display case in the locked state at the time of removing a jewelry piece.


If you come across any situation where your store is caught by a robber, then you need to deal with this situation very delicately and maturely. You need to comply with the demands of your robbers. These demands can include moving to a bathroom or a back room. You may also be required to lie on the ground or tied up.  Never fear rejection because buyers may reject for several reasons like shelf space or budget.

After when the robbers leave, call police. Don’t touch any jewelry case, surfaces or door handles that have been touched by robbers as it is going to act as evidence. Keep witnesses in your store. Get contact information of witnesses so that police can interview them to reach to the culprit quickly.

First ask yourself, where your ideal consumers reside? Where do they go shopping? Research stores on the internet for art galleries or boutiques and create a potential stores list then start marketing. Contact stores directly sending emails of your brief collection line or if you have prioritized some stores then mail them a catalog or line sheet.


These are some of the very important procedures that help in proper execution of the jewellery business.

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