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Essentials Every Woman Over 50 Should Have

It seems like everyone is talking about the life-changing benefits of essential oils. These miracle oils are extracted from plants and are at the center of aromatherapy treatments. Some oils can also be applied topically when diluted. Essential oils are commonly used in diffusers, on cotton balls or in creams and lotions. If you're new to the world of fragrant essential oils, here are several ways they'll improve your health and happiness.


You'll Sleep Better


Sleep is something that's in high demand these days, but no one seems to be getting enough of it. If you have trouble falling asleep or the quality of your slumber is poor, the use of DoTerra essential oils may be the answer. It's no secret that lavender is used to encourage relaxation, so a few drops of lavender oil in a bedside diffuser will do the trick. Other scents that promote sleep are ylang-ylang and cedarwood. Unlike sleep aids, essential oils are a drug-free way to achieve a better quality of sleep.


Your Energy Level Will Increase


On the opposite end of the spectrum, many people use essential oils to boost their energy levels. You know how the smell of freshly peeled orange in the morning is so invigorating? Concentrated natural oils work the same way! Scents likely to give you a little extra spring in your step include anything citrusy such as orange, lemon or grapefruit. Peppermint oil, with its clean fresh scent, will also help you feel more awake and focused. Dab a drop of oil on your wrist before you exercise for additional get-up and go!


You'll Feel More Sensual


Many scents are also used as an aphrodisiac and create feelings of sensuality. These scents can be used to enhance your romantic relationship or to just try something new and fun. Add a little spice into your love life with the sexy smell of cinnamon or nutmeg. These oils can be mixed into bath water or used as a massage oil when diluted with a carrier oil such as coconut or jojoba. Other essential oils that spark sensuality include sandalwood, rose and neroli.


Your Happiness Will Intensify


You can't be in a good mood all the time, but many people struggle with gloom due to stress or lack of sleep. Since anyone could use a little more happiness, reach for scents that augment feelings of joy, comfort and coziness. The most popular mood-lifting essential oils include peppermint, citrus scents, jasmine and frankincense. However, with a rainbow of different scents available, whichever is your favorite is likely to boost your mood.


You'll Say Goodbye to Anxiety


Stress is something you can't control and no one is immune. It's all over, from the workplace to home and everywhere in between. Nevertheless, you are able to control how you deal with it. For example, using a lavender-scented essential oil will calm your mind and send anxiety packing. The delicious smell of bergamot, which is a type of green orange similar to lime, thwarts negative energy. Sweet basil, the same kind used in pesto, is also a wonderful oil to use to melt away tension.


You'll Feel More Clear-Headed


If you have trouble concentrating, there's an oil for that, too! It probably won't come as a surprise that peppermint helps alleviate brain fog since it's so refreshing. Other essential oils that will make you feel more clear-headed are rosemary and vetiver. These fragrances are helpful if you need to concentrate on a project with a deadline instead of resorting to caffeine. Keep a small bottle of your favorite essential oil at work for that long afternoon lull or use a diffuser so the entire office will be more productive!


There's a good reason people are touting the positive aspects of essential oils. Whether you use them in a diffuser or topically, you'll reap the benefits of better sleep, less stress and a happier state of mind.


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