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Estimating Architectural Costs

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Those looking at new-build or re-design property projects need to understand the value a respected architect can bring and the architectural costs involved.

Their specialist knowledge will go a very long way to realizing the true potential of any building project.

It also goes without saying that the inclusion of an architect’s services needs to be understood and the costs added to the overall project. If you are not sure what an architect should be doing for you, then check out this blog on Investopedia. You can see how they earn their money, and this should give you an idea as the

A host of variables:

As would be expected, there is no simple answer to estimating an architect’s cost. This is due to the many variables involved. You need to consider factors such as the overall scale of your project – i.e. is it a fairly small job or a much larger one, and what type of building is in question.

Property project examples being (but certainly not limited to):

  • A flat/apartment
  • Section of your home
  • Full house construction
  • Refurbishment of an existing property
  • An office building
  • A warehouse

A new build, adding to an existing property or renovation:

To further explain the variables, you need to take into account such things as how complex a new-build project will be and to understand that adding to an existing building or carrying out renovation work often presents known as well as unknown work. The latter cannot be seen prior to commencement of any such work.

Any project involving historic buildings should also take into account the higher level of care and specific materials required to keep within the existing structure. The best way to get someone local to make an assessment is to search for architects near me.

Breaking down costs:

Costs for architectural project services can be broken down into sections. This will help you to evaluate what each aspect of the service being offered amounts to.

Each architectural firm will decide on how they wish to break-down these costs and how they present detail for the different project phases.

A straightforward example of this is for your architectural firm of choice to break costs down into approximately one-third stages for:

  • Design
  • Tender
  • Construction

If you are looking at greater detail in terms of project phases you could see breakdowns such as:

  • 20% - Initial Concept
  • 20% - Design (Concept)
  • 15% - Design (Technical)
  • 20% - Tender Preparation
  • 25% - Project Completion

Calculating fees:

Architectural fees are based on the size and cost of a project and for ‘regular’ projects should be looked at as being between 5-15% of the total project cost.

This means that once you are armed with a clear project idea, any specific requirements and have taken into account special considerations where necessary, you should set up a meeting with your chosen architectural firm to gain a far clearer perspective of what is involved.

It is always essential to have a project idea in mind to save time and costs. Otherwise, the issue that can arise is that the architect has to create several designs, which could end up increasing costs and also slow down the finish date of your project.

The value of an architect’s knowledge and design flair:

Those considering a property project of any size should never simply consider the financial costs of using a professional architect. This is because they offer far more. In the UK architects in London are usually the most qualified.

Indeed, a well-respected architect will provide extremely useful insight into the entire project process, give comments on your design wishes, offer alternative designs where necessary, help guide your thinking, and advise on the myriad of red-tape and regulations that are part and parcel of any building project.

These benefits along with many others will then leave you best placed to make fully informed, key decisions before the commencement of your project. Careful planning and organization are essential. If you get the financial planning side of the project wrong, then you could run into over costs that could have been avoided. For example, I mentioned having the costs of an architect can be reduced by having a clearly planned idea of the style of your design to present to the architect. Every financial saving and cost needs to be considered.

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