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Eternal Palace Heroic boost 2

Once upon a time, Azshara was the most powerful and good being on the planet. Now she is Darkness in the flesh. Her betrayal changed the very essence of Azeroth, and she also turned into a top raid boss.

What is raid?

It's simple, you are going to a large crowd of 25 jarheads and go to the Eternal Palace. This is where Azshara is waiting for you. Then you try to kill her, you will mess up a couple of times and maybe enjoy it. By the way, our previous raid was awesome, we got a lot of fun and epic items.

And what do I get from completed heroic raid?

The complexity of heroic raid is considered decent, respectively, and the reward is worthy. You will receive items of level 430+, heroic status, you can also get combat pets: MindlostBloodfrenzy, Lightless Ambusher, Nameless Octopode, Zanj’ir Poker. But mounts Azshara will not drop, alas.

Why should you contact the guys from for help?

These guys are real experts on completing raids. Each of them is a selective professional, they drive to the raids every hour, starting from the first week. They will dress your character in TOP gear for 4-6 raid runs. If you do it yourself, it will take you dozens of hours, not all runs will be successful. In addition, when you go through the raid yourself, you get 2-3 items, and when you are accompanied by the guys from the bestboost, you will get from 12 to 20 items from one run. It also happens that the client’s character can be fully dressed for 1 run. Of course, you need to pay extra for it, but it is worth it. Just imagine, your character is dressed for 1 run completely. Cosmic speed.

Buy Eternal Palace heroic run boost service right now!

Go to their website and choose one of two services: full gear boost and bis gear boost. The first means that you will receive absolutely all the items that the boss will drop, and the second service will allow you to choose which specific items you need, make a list.

Which service is better?

It is best to choose full gear. You will save time and money in this way, just get all the possible items. However, if you need any specific items, the bestboost team will deliver it without any problems.

In addition to the above, you will receive:

- professional group of raiders;

- they do not use illegal software;

- everything can be recorded on video or stream;

- a bunch of positive reviews on, more than 100.

Address them without hesitation, they will not let you down and they will dress your character in TOP gear.

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