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ETL Tools To Skyrocket Your Business Profits

We know the very nature of data. It is scattered and lying everywhere across the internet for business. The greater the number of platforms that businesses have, the more haphazard their data management tasks will be. Especially when they rely on manual effort, it will take hours to figure out what happened as a business activity on all those platforms.


As an organization, if you’re growing your business or, you might want to let go of these habits. These are not only holding you back but also hampering the potential of your business and your employees who can contribute to your business in more than a few ways. In other words, if you have to scale your business and make it to the next level, you will have to look for intelligent options.

What’s Wrong with Doing Everything Manually?

It might seem very interesting to dive down into your data and make sense of everything. And if you’re just stepping into the world of business, you will intuitively do this, you will want to sit with your data that is coming from every platform and try to identify all that happened.


Then, when you start growing, you might hire a few employees under your business who will do it for you. But, even if you’re not doing it, or analyzing data isn’t eating up your time, it is still eating into your costs. Your hired resources will spend time bringing the data onto one platform every single day and making sense of it. And this will not guarantee that you have everything. 


The thing with manual efforts is that it is bound to errors. No matter how many employees you have for the job, there will always be a space where there will be errors. Manual tasks need to be done more carefully, and they will have a lot of details involved. Businesses often tend to miss out on these, leading to the loss of data and a lot of other things.


Therefore, there needs to be a shift to move to a more digitally accurate tool that is not very expensive but also helps your business stay on track with the data. They will help reduce the burden of manual efforts on your business and also make your employees more productive. Thus, it will help you to become stronger in your competitive game and fewer worries.


Whether or not you realize the importance of a tool now, it is a fundamental building block as you begin to grow. It will help you make the best of your data along with understanding the true insights that it might have to offer to your business. ETL data services tools are one of the most popular and buzz software in the market.

They extract the data from their sources and bring them together on a single platform for your business. This way you can make the most of your data without having to worry about its management daily. Moreover, you can also customize the visualization as per the demand of your in house teams to understand data in a way you exactly want. 

Top ETL Tools You Can Rely on

Here are some robust ETL tools that you must think of adopting for your business and unlock with full data potential:

Apache Nifi

The Apache Nifty is one of the most popular tools out there. It helps you take your business to the next level by managing the complete end to end data flow effortlessly. In other words, Nifi automates the flow of data between systems and helps in analyzing the data more robustly. 

Nifi executes within a Java Virtual Machine, making it support the powerful and scalable directed graphs. Moreover, Nifi has less latency and full customization options, making it easier for people to modify options at runtime. Apart from this, Nifi is a complete web-based software, which provides a seamless control between different experiences. 

Oracle Data Generator

The data generator by Oracle is a one-stop data integration platform that can help you achieve a lot in your business. Be it high-performance batch loads to a trickle feed integration process.

Oracle data generator offers a lot of interoperability for simple and hassle-free migration of your data. It is much faster and simpler with minimum maintenance times. Moreover, it ensures that faulty data is automatically detected and recycled before you go on and insert it into your target applications.

Microsoft SSIS

Microsoft’s Server Integration Services SSIS is a robust platform that is used for developing high-performance data integration solutions for your business. It can include services of extract, transform, and load to integrate all your business data onto one single platform. It includes graphical tools as well as performs workflow functions effortlessly.

AWS Glue

Amazon web services have a reputed name across the world. With AWS Glue, it offers an end to end ETL tool that is also serverless. It is cost-effective and you can move data from place to another as and when you please. It enriches your data as it travels for the source to the destination and also detects any schema changes based on your preferences.


Using these tools, you can get started with a robust data strategy for your business. Remember that it is best to rely on automation tools when it comes to data. It helps in easier management and effective practices for your business.

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