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Europvc - Sliding Window Security Lock

Locks that come with several windows might not be safe enough to prevent burglars out and kids in, and it may be prudent to install a secondary lock to make sure.

If you're searching for something that gives you additional peace of mind that your house is secure, here are our top choices for the best window locks to help you find the right option for your residence.

The Best Sliding Window Locks On The Market Of 2021

      europvc - Sliding Window Security Lock

These https://europvc.co.th/ window locks are an economical option to bring an additional degree of protection to your windows if you're looking to keep potential breakers out or small children in.

They are amazingly easy to use and can be installed in seconds – this device is designed primarily for horizontal sliding windows. Still, it can also work on specific vertical sliding windows.  

Every lock has an interchangeable jaw built to suit just about every vinyl frame from 1/16" to 1⁄2" in diameter, and when in place, it allows you either to lock the window fully shut or to keep it partially open for airflow without the risk of opening it from the outside.

We like the idea these locks are so compact and inconspicuous. They've got a discreet white finish, and then once in place, you'll hardly notice them.

It should be remembered that if anyone was very committed and had the equipment available – including a bar to unlock the window – it could always be possible to bust through the window.

This would take considerable time, though, and most of the burglars would see these locks in the window and move quickly to the next location.

For this reason, these locks are an excellent option for a secondary safety that provides an additional layer of protection to your windows. They are affordable, fast, and easy to fit and are highly successful.

2. Lion Locks Aluminum Sliding Door And Window Lock

If you are searching for an easy solution to keep your windows tightly locked and deter intruders from granting access, these flexible Lion Locks can be the ideal choice.

They are ideal for a number of uses, like sliding windows – both horizontal and vertical– as well as sliding doors.

Made of high duty aluminium windows thailand with an inner liner made of vinyl to cover the window frames, they are robust and reliable. They work on a window frame up to 3/16" thick with a lining in place – or without a liner up to 3/8" thick.

The installation couldn't be smoother, and it doesn't need any hardware. You should easily lock them in place by using double thumbscrews to keep the window from moving. This ensures that you can shut the window entirely or can lock it with a small gap to permit some air to flow in for ventilation.

We really love how easy and cheap they are, but beyond this they are also handy beyond this. If in place, it would find it very tough to obtain entry from outside without much effort – enough to dissuade the most deceitful burglars.

If you want to uninstall them, it's just as simple – what you need to do is unscrew them and take them off.

If it sounds like what you're hoping for, they're sure to be of interest.  

3. Maxdot Adjustable Sliding Window Locks:

These Maxdot flexible sliding window locks are a simple but effective way to keep kids indoors and intruders out. Each lock is connected to the windowpane, and each one incorporates a double lock mechanism that finds it challenging to force them to unlock from the outside.

As they are made of aluminum alloy, they are durable and reliable, which means that it is virtually impossible to crack them by pressure. Each one also contains a hex key with a yellow plastic handle to make it fast and easy to loosen or uninstall when needed.

You can also use them to lock the windows closed – and you can also leave the windows partially open to allow any breeze to pass without risking your protection.

They are relatively inexpensive and do the function they were made for beautifully and with minimal trouble, so for anybody who needs a convenient and straightforward way to add additional protection to their windows, they could be the right choice.

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