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Every women should own these type of bags


As women, we cannot imagine our lives without handbags. Whether we're going to a coffee shop, to hang out with some friends or to a business meeting, it seems impossible to be without one. And why should it not be? Handbags are one of the most precious and useful things on earth! Their benefits are never-ending, and above that, they have become a fashion statement almost irresistible.

Many women don't give much thought to the purses they buy; they look for spacious compartments and colours. But handbags are so much more than that. That's why we bring you the best works of handbags that every woman must own. And once you begin to explore more of these different kinds of bags, their unique features and benefits, your mind will explode out of wonderment.

So, let's get started!

  1. Satchels

If you're a person who carries a lot of things around with you, the satchel will prove to be the perfect choice for your needs. Not only are they spacious but exceptionally stylish. And the best part is that they can be used for daily activities as well as on special occasions.

  1. Clutches

If you're looking for purses with detachable straps, especially for night outs and parties, clutches are what you need. They are of two types- day clutches and evening clutches.

The former are minimal in design as well as colours while the latter is more sparkly and startling.

Although some clutches may look less spacious from the outside, there might be four to five average-sized compartments present which will fit aptly for your requirements!

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  1. Slings

Crossbody bags for womenare an ideal option if you want to be at utmost comfort while also being voguish. With the weight of straps equally distributed on your body, sling bags always keep your hands free. You can quickly push a shopping cart, hold grocery bags, hold on to support in a crowded bus, and whatnot!

There are many types of sling bags available. There's wallet crossbody bags,sling backpacks, the classic sling bag, messengers, designer slings and mono sling shoulder bags under the same category.

  1. Totes

What's so special about tote bags is that not only are they astonishingly spacious, but they are made out of natural fabrics and hence, are more durable than the synthetic ones. One can go on and on about the advantages of totes because they come with no drawback. You can hold them in your hands and if tired, use them as slings!

From grocery to books, you can store anything in them, and even if they get dirty, most of them (thanks to fabrics!) are washing machine compatible. You can even get personalised tote bags with your selected pictures and quotations on it!

  1. Straw Baskets

If there's something that has been getting inexorably trendy nowadays, it's the straw basket purses. They are another type of crossbody bags for women available in the market which offers you a weekend-getaway look and suits nearly every attire you wear. Straw bags not only look like an aesthetic luxury but are also strong and durable.


Handbags might seem like a shallow accessory to a layman, but only women know how versatile they are. They not only provide you with space to keep your stuff in but adds to your clothing and makes you dapper. There is a handbag for every kind of requirement you have. While most of them are pocket-friendly, some are quite expensive, but then uniqueness comes at a price. The five bags mentioned above have been in the fashion industry for a long time, and there's no way they are going out of style. And it would do wonders to you if you collect them all, to suit all your needs for comfort and fashion as well.

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