Monday, December 4, 2023
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Everything to Know About Marble and Natural Stone Restoration

Whether in the kitchen, the living room, or the bathroom, marble and other natural stones are great additions to a home. If you haven’t previously considered marble, you should know that it’s affordable, distinct, heat resistant, and durable. Compared to other materials, natural stone resists most scratches and cracks. However, it’s impossible to guarantee a perfect appearance after many years of use. If you have marble or another natural stone in the home, it’s always good to have it restored every so often.

These days, there are many fantastic services in this area, and this includes iRock Finishes. For both stone and marble, they will help to clean, seal, and coat. But what can you expect from a restoration?

How Does It Work?

After getting in touch with a reliable company, the first step is normally an inspection. Essentially, this is where an estimator visits your home to assess the quality and condition of the natural stone. Depending on its condition, they will either suggest light maintenance, maintenance, or restoration. In severe cases, they may also need to carry out repairs.

If you want to prepare for the estimator, ensure that the surfaces are clear and that the estimator will have access to everything they need. Also, the estimator may ask some questions. For example, this could regard the installation, the products you use, and any problems you have with the surface.

Why Invest in a Restoration?

At this point, you might wonder why you should spend money in this area. However, even the most durable of natural stones can succumb to the stresses of daily life. If we use a kitchen countertop as an example, this handles pots, pans, cutting boards, and plenty more every single day. Even though marble and natural stone are resistant to scratching, no surface can ever be 100% successful in this area.

With professional restorers, it’s possible to fill cracks, flaws, divots, and scratches. Additionally, they will take care of grouting problems. From here, they can refinish the stone and bring the room back to life. Even with some light restoration, you’ll be surprised just how much of a difference it makes.

As well as improving the appearance of the stone, the restoration will also extend its life. With countertops, we need to care for them because otherwise, they will deteriorate under the pressure that we place on them. If you rely on the counter daily, a restoration will repair any damage caused by acidic liquids, cooking utensils, food items, knives, and more. After refinishing, the counter has more life and you shouldn’t need to replace it any time soon. Without restoration, there’s a chance of damaging the counter beyond repair.


What happens after restoration? You may need to wait a while before using the surface again. Even when the surface feels dry, bear in mind that the sealer needs to cure. If you use the surface too early, and the sealer isn’t ready, you risk causing unnecessary damage. If the stone is in a shower, the expert will likely recommend leaving it overnight. In a kitchen, you might get away with light use, but it probably isn’t the time to cook a full Sunday roast.

Don’t worry, the expert will explain everything you need to know. Before leaving, they will offer care information as well as advice to keep the stone in a good condition. With marble and natural stone restoration, you bring a surface back to life and revitalise what was previously lacking! 


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