Everything you need to consider before getting island tables


As a store manager, you will always need modular solutions for managing the growth of the store. Island tables are the perfect solution you need since they are both flexible as well as customizable. But there are a lot of considerations that you need to keep in mind before making the right purchase. In the following post, we have carefully gone over all the details that you need to keep in mind to make the right purchase to meet the growing demands of your store or property.  

Island tables are customizable

There are virtually infinite customization options available when you are looking at the island tables from a reputed seller. You do not need to worry about the foot-print or the real estate of the store since there are flexible size options available to you. Keep in mind that with island tables, you get under table storage as well. If you are looking for customizing the dimensions, all you need to do is combine inner sections of various available sizes to get the right fit. If you buy right, island tables will withstand daily usage for years to come.

The features available

There are three distinct styles of the island tables that are available. These are as follows.

Contemporary tables

This is a composite design with a low storage shelf.

Classic island tables

This is a composite design with a full-width of a lower shelf with steel legs.


The classic hybrid

This is the combination of both vintage and contemporary designs with composite tops and ends, a full lower shelf and steel legs.

The advantages of using island tables

Island tables offer several benefits, and these are as follows.

  • Modular designs can be of varied length, so there is virtually no concern about the dimension or the foot-print of your store
  • The table surfaces are effortless to disinfect and clean
  • Island tables are great for both indoor as well as outdoor use due to their durability
  • You get three different standard width sizes which are 50, 60 and 65 inches
  • Soma variations are equipped with option steel holders for bags and other items
  • The tables are movable, and the height can be adjusted according to requirements
  • There are several color choices available, so you are free to brainstorm and customize all that you want

What are the upgrades to go for?

If you are looking for upgrades to improve upon the durability and the longevity of your island tables, these are the following to go for.

  • Use rubber edges to protect the table from physical damage
  • The rubber edges are of custom colors and designs
  • You can install bag holders from better usage of space
  • There are table surface liners for better traction as well as plastic dividers for compartmentalization

How to choose

We are providing you a simple 4-step guide to choose the right table for your needs.

  1. Choose the table length according to floor space.
  2. Choose a custom color according to your preference.
  3. Choose a particular type of table keeping the aesthetics in mind.
  4. Choose the tabletop style depending on the items to be displayed.

For the best results, you can mix and match according to your preference.

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