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Everything You Need to Know About AC Maintenance

An air conditioner is a good temperature control device, which allows you to endure the elevated heat and temperature during the summer season. However, the maintenance of this device is essential for its good functioning and long life.

The frequency of maintenance of an air conditioning, or more precisely of the air conditioning filters, generally oscillates between two and three weeks. Some models are equipped with indicator lights to indicate that cleaning is necessary.

There are two essential elements to cleaning or maintaining your air conditioning. One is regular cleaning that you can easily do yourself. The second way is professional maintenance for which you must book handyman services of a reliable home maintenance company.

Ø  Risks of Skipping Cleaning of Your Air Conditioner

Like any heating device, air conditioning must absolutely be maintained to ensure its good performance and longer life. If you skip cleaning your air conditioner or do not book Ac repair services on regular basis, here's what you risk:

·         Clogging of the filters: stirring the ambient air of a room, an air conditioning system accumulates suspended particles.

·         A loss of air quality: This clogging can adversely affect air quality if it is not resolved, especially since an air conditioner can circulate up to eight times the volume present in a room within a single hour of operation.

·         The development of molds and bacteria: they can cause health problems for the inhabitants ultimately, they can cause allergies, asthma or respiratory diseases.

·         A decrease in the energy performance of the air conditioning system and an increase in your electricity bills.

On the other hand, regular cleaning and air conditioning maintenance allow the appliance to operate optimally while preserving the health of the occupants of the home.

Wondering how to keep your AC maintained and what are the benefits of booking professional AC repair services? keep reading!!!

Ø  How to Properly Maintain Air Conditioning without Professional Help?

1. Clean the Filters of Your Air Conditioner

The most regular and easiest maintenance concerns the filters that equip any air conditioning unit. They are located in the indoor unit and are easily accessible. They can be removed by simply unclipping, without any specific tool.

Appliance switched off, all you have to do is open the cover and remove the filters. For optimal cleaning, especially when they are very dirty, it is necessary to proceed in two stages:

·         Vacuuming

·         Cleaning with soap and a sponge

Rinse the filters thoroughly, and allow them to dry thoroughly before replacing them. For models equipped with it, do the same for the activated carbon filters, which can even go in the dishwasher. They must then be put in the oven in order to reactivate them. These are low-cost filters that are easily found on the market.

2. Clean the Condensate Tray

You can also go further, by cleaning the air conditioning condensate tray yourself. This is a tank where liquid water arrives from the condensation of water vapor passing through a cold exchanger. When it stagnates for too long, it can indeed cause bad odors or the appearance of bacteria.

In addition, the dust in it can end up forming a plug in the condensate drain pipe of the air conditioning. So, make sure you clean condensate yourself or book a professional AC Repair Karachi to keep your beat the summer heat.

3. Scrub the Blower Turbine

It is also possible to clean the blower and return air turbine, using a small hard bristle brush. It should be done with delicacy, so as not to damage the blades, where dust tends to cling and then harden, which can increase the operating noise of the device.

Ø  Benefits of Carrying Out Your AC’s Regular Maintenance

Maintaining your air conditioner is as much a question of the long life of the device as it is of performance and safety.

1. Maintain the Energy Performance of the Device

Did you choose your air conditioning unit for its energy performance and low consumption? To benefit from its efficiency over the long term, the maintenance of your air conditioner is essential. The dust that accumulates in the filters and the clogging of its elements indeed hamper his work and push him to deploy additional energy to obtain the results you ask for.

 You then get heavier energy bills or reduced performance. To prevent high electricity consumption and bills, book professional handyman services through Mr. Mahir App.

2. Maintain Healthy Indoor Air

Next comes a question of the health of the occupants of the accommodation. In fact, an air conditioner in operation circulates a large volume of air. However, bacteria and mold readily grow in clogged filters, before passing into the air circulating in your air conditioning system. The maintenance of the air conditioning of the house thus makes it possible to purify the air and to clean the interior atmosphere.

3. Ensure the Durability of the Device and the Safety of the Inhabitants

 Good air conditioning maintenance also makes it possible to reduce the risk of more serious breakdowns, by preventing the various components that make up the device from over-straining them, which wears them out prematurely. It also reduces the risk of short circuits and other electrical causes of fire starting.

Hence, AC maintenance is an indispensable need of the summer season as proven by the shooting temperature in Lahore 43°C. If your AC is showing any signs of malfunctioning i.e., not properly cooling, book Ac services Lahore through Mr. Mahir mobile app. Its safe, reliable, cost-effective, and efficient.


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