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Everything you need to know about an HRMS Software

HRMS, an abbreviation for Human Resources Management System, automates various activities related to human resource management such as payroll processing, accounting, leave management etc. The web-based application focuses on improving productivity and efficiency for the companies. It has proven to be a suitable prerogative by serving as a means to multinational organizations to manage teams and expand their workforce on a global scale.


HRMS customarily roofs activities of HRIS and other relevant tasks of the HRM. HRMS software aims at having an error-free payroll process, implementation of leaves and attendance policies, ensuring adherence, increasing employees’ engagement, increasing productivity, optimization of workload, and most importantly, ensuring the smooth functioning of HRM with minimized risk of error related to data.


Let's take a deep dive and discuss about various ramifications of HRMS Software:


Recruitment and onboarding

HRMS takes care of the available vacancies in an organization. Recruitment of an employee with the right set of skills is a difficult task. It includes filling in for job descriptions, filtering numerous applications, interviewing, and scaling down to that one compatible candidate.

The onboarding process starts right after this process. The HRMS software eases the procedure by empowering the new joinee to update the required information for verification and to get a hang of the company’s terms and conditions. 

Management of data

HRM holds and manages a crucial amount of sensitive data of the organization and its employees. Not very long ago, this data was stored in huge files or on spreadsheets. This process proved to be time-consuming and was prone to errors.

HRMS software came up with a platform to store data in an organized manner. This feature saved time and minimized the risk of errors. It enables the HRM to track real-time data for attendance, leave and payroll, for example.




The HRMS software is a cloud-based application, which provides easy access to the employee. This empowers the employee to keep an eye on his/her attendance, manage leaves and vacation, stay updated about the tax liabilities of the month/year as per the laws, and track his/her performance and benefits provided by the organization.

It enables the HRM to aim at strategic planning for future steps towards the growth and development of the organization.


Statutory compliance

HRM is responsible for ensuring that the functions of the organization are legally authorized and employees working for the organization hold the document that proves their eligibility to work. An HRMS software comes to the aid of HRM as it notifies about the updated tax laws, upcoming deadlines for tax payments, renewal of various permits authorized by state and the federal government. HRMS even assists the employee to stay updated about the deductions made for PF, and understand the calculations of PFs and other such policies. It simplifies the nitty-gritty of the law and saves the organization of unwanted penalties and a hampered reputation.



HRMS software has been established to be a cost-effective solution for many small and medium scale organizations. Opting for HRMS software has minimized the probabilities of penalties and over/underpayment of salaries due to error. Apart from being a way out to unannounced costs, the automated process for activities like payroll management and streamlined workflow has been a quick fix for optimizing workload, enabling the HRMs to focus on employee satisfaction and increased productivity.


HRM aims at employees’ satisfaction and productivity directly inclined towards the growth of the organization. HRMS software has taken over the repetitive tasks related to HRM and has empowered the HRM to aim at strategizing employee engagement, planning increments and promotions, and planning further towards the development of business.

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