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Everything You Need to Know About Chemical Peel Procedure

Many people want to rejuvenate their skin on the face, neck, hands, etc., and the home skincare routine might not offer the results. In this case, you can seek professional treatment for rejuvenating your skin and achieving healthy and youthful skin. A chemical peel is one of the many skincare treatments that offer rejuvenated skin.

What is Chemical Peel?

Benefits of Procedure

  • Reduces age spots
  • Eliminates acne scars
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Firms sagging skin
  • Treats skin damaged by sun
  • Prevents aging of the skin

Types of Chemical Peel

  • Superficial peels
  • Medium peels
  • Deep peels

Pre-Treatment Examination

Before you move ahead with the procedure, make sure that it is a safe treatment for you, and you are the right candidate for the same. The technicians will physically exam your skin for determining the texture, thickness, and tone of the skin. This will help in finding out skin conditions as well.

Choosing Right Practitioner

When you plan for getting a chemical peel, you must choose the right practitioner for ensuring safety and the best results. The deeper the peel, it implies the practitioner is more skilled and experienced. The practitioner must have a look at the medical history of the patient before going ahead with the procedure.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Chemical Peel?

The candidate must be in good health condition and not a smoker. If the person had been treated with potent retinoid or other medications within the past year, the chemical peel should be avoided. If the individual has sensitive skin, a chemical peel might not be suitable. Moreover, heart patients should also avoid chemical peels.

Recovery Phase

If you have opted for superficial peel, there is no recovery period as such. You can leave the clinic soon after getting the procedure done and also put makeup if you want without any restrictions. The only restriction is to avoid hot and humid surroundings for a few days after the treatment.

When you get a light peel done, you may need to recuperate at home for a few days as the face might be bit swollen and skin may begin to peel. In the end, you will receive a clear and bright complexion.

People opting for medium peel take almost a week for recovery. Though they are allowed to put makeup after five days, the healing will continue for a few more days.

Patients opting for deep peel have lengthy recovery time, and they should also undergo pre-treatment, which can last for six weeks. A deep peel is for people with significant damage to the skin because of sun, pollution, and toxins.

After pre-treatment, you must avoid smoking for a certain period depending on the type of peel you have chosen. In all the types of peels, you will need to prevent certain skin treatments, medicines, and sun exposure from preparing skin for the peel.

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